Does Removing Skin Tags Hurt?

With so many skin tag removal methods available, comfort levels during the process are inevitably going to vary. You have no doubt come across people that have said that they’ve never experienced such pain while others felt no discomfort at all. So, does removing skin tags hurt?

The answer to that question will vary from person to person. It all depends on how you remove the skin tag and its location on your face or body. If you have read about people who have experienced pain, they have probably tried cutting off skin tags with clippers. If you do that, then yes, it will hurt a lot and could lead to an infection. But many other methods are pain-free.

Some people go to a doctor to get skin tags removed, thinking that it is always better to see a professional. If you are worried, or leery about DIY removal, then you should talk to your dermatologist about the many different options that are available to you. We’d also recommend discussing prices because the ‘procedure’ won’t be covered by your health insurance.

There are over the counter skin tag removal products that will allow you to remove a skin tag, though, with no pain. There are also completely natural methods that can be used, although results are mixed.

In this article, we will talk more about how it feels to remove skin tags from different parts of the body. We will also provide extra information on the different options and let you know if they hurt or not. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the more important questions.

Why Does Removing Skin Tags Hurt?

Since skin tags are a living and breathing part of the body, however useless, so removing them incorrectly is inevitably going to be uncomfortable. Consider how you feel when you cut or burn yourself. It’s not a pleasant experience, usually.

There is a right and wrong way to remove a skin tag. Here is a quick example:

Some people use dental floss to get rid of a skin tag. This works by tying a thin piece of floss around the stalk, so oxygen is unable to reach the growth. It works well unless you fail to adhere to basic hygiene standards and develop an infection.

If you want a completely painless version of the tying off method, we recommend the Tagband skin tag removal device. It’s effortless to secure the elasticated band in place around the stalk with an inventive device, and the skin tag will fall off after about a week.

Does Over-the-Counter Skin Tag Removal Cause Pain?

We need to distinguish between pain caused by doing something the wrong way and a mild discomfort because we want to get fast results.

You can use Pristine Herbal Touch Wart Mole Vanish to remove a skin tag in as little as 20 minutes. It’s a single application treatment that works well. The treatment stings a bit, but it’s not an intolerable pain. The stinging also subsides after about 1 minute.

Just remove the creamy substance from the area when you’re done and allow the scab to heal at its own pace. The one proviso is that you mustn’t dislodge the scab prematurely or it could result in scarring. Apply some aloe vera to the area to soothe the skin, and consider keeping it covered up at night so that you don’t disturb the scab while you’re asleep. You’ll find that the skin will return to normal after about 2 to 3 weeks.

Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others. Treating a skin tag on your neck is far more comfortable than eyelid skin tag removal, for example. And there are certain areas that you should think twice about self-treating, such as skin tags on the penis and anus.

Don’t try to remove a skin tag on your own if it’s in a hard-to-reach position, such as the back. Instead, seek the assistance of a friend or family member. It can be difficult to perform the procedure correctly when you’re looking at yourself in a mirror. This could lead to mistakes and pain.

Does Removing Skin Tags Hurt

Is Natural Skin Tag Removal Painful?

You’ll likely find that removing skin tags naturally is painless, but the least effective method. Most of the methods that we tested didn’t yield particularly encouraging results, such as apple cider vinegar. The good news is that there was one exception to the rule.

Australian tea tree oil made our top 3 picks. Our tests revealed no pain at all, although we weren’t particularly keen on the coniferous smell. Unlike Wart Mole Vanish, it took 3 to 6 weeks of treatment to get results. It worked well for a high percentage of people.

You can find out how to remove skin tags with tea tree oil with our step-by-step guide. You’ll notice that the skin tag will start to change color and shrivel up as the area finds it increasingly difficult to stay oxygenated. It’s important not to miss out any of your 3 daily treatments.

There are different ways to remove skin tags, and it all depends on your individual preference. Remember that no one product will work for everyone, as not all over-the-counter products have the same effect on different people.

The most important thing to know is that it does not have to be a painful process. Does Removing Skin Tags Hurt? Well, the answer is mixed. If you use a proven treatment, like those suggested on this page, then no – removing a skin tag will not hurt at all. Use the Tagband skin tag removal device for safe and fast results.

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