skin tags on the groin

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags on the Groin

Skin tags on the groin can be uncomfortable at times, and they can also be embarrassing. Depending on the exact location where they have developed, many people may mistake them for an STD, but they don’t appear due to sexual activity.

Some scientists believe that they’re a strain of the HPV virus, but most agree that they’re due to skin rubbing against skin. They are growths of skin that can vary in size, are usually soft to the touch, and they are harmless.

They can appear anywhere on the body. When skin tags form in the genital area, they tend to become more irritated and sometimes even painful. It is because they are in a sensitive area and skin and clothing rubs on them, creating friction that can irritate the area.

When they become irritated, they may become inflamed, growing in size due to increased blood flow to the area. Skin tags may hurt when you touch them or when your clothing rubs or rest against them. You can read more about infected skin tags.

Removing Skin Tags on the Groin

There are many excellent skin tags treatments. There are professional methods and procedures performed by doctors, but many can be performed safely at home by you.

Find out more about each technique:

Insurance Doesn’t Cover Removal

While these treatment methods are successful most of the time, they can also be costly. Expect to pay up to 100 bucks to remove a skin tag. Most insurance companies will not pay to have skin tags on groin removed because it is considered a cosmetic procedure. The growths are benign.

They are not detrimental to your health to not have them removed. This means you will be paying the bill straight out of pocket and many people cannot afford to do that (or have other priorities), so they turn to more affordable options.

Remove Skin Tags with Tea Tree Oil

[two_third_first]Some people decide that, even though it costs a lot of money to get skin tags treated by a doctor, the assurance that it will be done correctly, is worth the cost. Other people address them on their own, usually very successfully.

People that seem to enjoy the most success use Apothecary tea tree oil. The customer feedback will provide you with additional peace of mind, but there are also other techniques.[/two_third_first]


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Popular OTC Skin Tag Products

There are over-the-counter skin tag products that you can use to remove skin tags. Some products work better than others, so you will need to do some research before committing to a particular brand. You may want to make sure that the product you choose is safe to use in the groin area.

It is a sensitive area of the body, and many skin tag removers are unsuitable for that area. Some products contain ingredients that may do more harm than good. Stick to well-known treatments that are proven to work. There’s no point in taking any silly risks with your health.

Natural Home Remedies

Other alternatives for removing skin tags on groin include home remedies.

Most home remedies use all natural products that you will most likely find in your kitchen. Ingredients like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and others are used in combinations to concoct a treatment. When used for a particular amount of time, they may successfully remove the skin tags. Although a trendy choice, it’s our professional view that most natural treatments don’t work.

Although these ingredients are usually natural and are things you can safely ingest, you may still find that some of them may burn or cause other irritations when applied to the groin, so always use the remedies carefully.

Who Do I Get Skin Tags?

They can develop for some reasons. First of all, anyone can get them, and it is not known why they form, but there are known reasons that cause them to develop more. Older people are more prone to getting them, as are pregnant women, overweight or obese people, and diabetics.

Athletes sometimes get them as well, and this is due to friction from running and (sometimes) steroid usage. The use of steroids causes collagen fibers of the skin to bond in an abnormal way that causes the development of the skin tags.

The genitals are a common place for skin tags to develop because the groin is an area where skin rubs on other skin, such as in the crease between the thigh and the groin. It also happens where chafing and friction are caused by tight clothing. It’s the constant irritation of one particular area of the skin that can cause the skin tags to develop.

skin tags on the groin

Can Skin Tags Be Left Untreated?

Skin tags on the groin can be left untreated without any severe complications in most cases. They do not pose any risks to your health, but some people decide to have them treated and removed for some different reasons.

First of all, many people who are sexually active find that they are embarrassing because their partners may mistake them for an STD or may just find a skin growth like that strange. We all want to look our best.

For others, their decision to have them treated and removed has to do with the skin tags being bothersome or even painful. Perhaps they have become irritated, inflamed, or infected for whatever reason. Maybe their clothes catch on the skin tags, or they’re located in just the right area to cause a problem when they’re walking or sitting in a certain way.

If you have skin tags on the groin and you choose not to have them removed, it’s not going to pose a lot of problems unless they become injured somehow or irritated. Make sure that what you have is a skin tag. They’re easy to identify. If you’re in any way unsure, we strongly recommend that you get a professional diagnosis from your doctor.Save

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