How to Freeze Skin tags at home

Freezing Skin Tags is an Incredibly Easy Method That Works Fast

There are proven methods for getting rid of skin tags safely. One way to remove them without pain is freezing off skin tags (known as cryotherapy). It can be carried out at home or by a medical doctor.

It involves the use of liquid nitrogen to flash freeze the growth, so it becomes frozen so fast that it is unable to oxygenate. Given sufficient time, the skin tag will just flake away.

Getting the procedure carried out by a doctor can be expensive. Insurance doesn’t cover the cost unless a dermatologist feels the growth needs to be removed and tested (a biopsy). Also, if the area is infected, you should book a consultation with a medical professional.

The quickest and easiest removal method is to use a freeze spray. Whether you just have one small growth or many, you can freeze skin tags with an over-the-counter product (or wart remover). It’s ideal for removing skin tags from the neck and underarm areas, for example.

Many removal techniques take months to work. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you may want a faster-acting solution. If you’re going to freeze away skin tags at home, make sure that you’re using a top over the counter skin tag remover. You need to use a tried-and-tested product that works.

What Are the 3 Best Products for Freezing Skin Tags?

  1. Doctor's Touch Medical Ice Freeze Spray
    Doctor's Touch Medical Ice Freeze Spray (1)
    • Medical freeze spray
    • Freezes instantly -60ºF in just three seconds
  2. Compound W Freeze Off
    Compound W Freeze Off Wart Remover-8 applications
    • Max Freeze Precision Tip targets the wart and not the skin
    • Safe to use on kids age four and up
  3. Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Wart Remover

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

The best way to remove skin tags is to stop the supply of oxygenated blood that gives them ‘life.’ If you take away the source of life, your skin tags will eventually shrivel up and fall off.

Freezing a skin tag typically achieves this fast. Once you use a freeze spray, it cuts off the circulation. You don’t need to do anything else to the growth. Results occur within 1-2 weeks.

If you use an at-home freeze spray, it may take more than one application for the skin tag to fall off. It usually depends on the size of the skin tag and how precisely the lesion is treated by you.  Obviously, you need to make sure that you don’t get the ice-cold spray on your healthy skin.

How to Use a Freeze Spray

Using a freeze spray on your skin tags is safe and effective. Many freeze sprays are advertised as wart removers. But, they work just as well on skin tags.

Make sure you know what type of skin growth you have. Warts and skin tags have several differences. While a freeze spray can work on both, there are other types of skin growths that may not be benign. If you’re unable to perform a self-diagnosis, talk with your doctor.

A skin tag will appear as a flap of skin that is typically the same color as the rest of your flesh. They have a stem or stalk, and they often ‘protrude’ for that reason. Once you’re sure you have a skin tag, you can rest assured knowing cryotherapy is an excellent way of getting rid of it.

To use a freeze spray, you apply it directly to the affected area. It’s important to make sure you’re only using the spray on the skin tag itself, and not your surrounding skin. Some sprays can hold liquid that is minus 60 degrees. So, pinpoint accuracy is needed when using freeze sprays on a skin growth.

To better understand how to use a freeze spray correctly, let’s look at some of the most popular options. These sprays are designed to remove skin growths quickly. Remember, even if they are marketed as wart removers, they can work the same on skin tags. They break down the cell structure by freezing them on sight. Once those cells are frozen, a skin tag can’t survive.

Freeze Off Skin Tags Over the Counter Products (In-Depth Review)

Let’s take a closer look at the best ways to freeze off skin tags at home:

1. Doctor’s Touch Medical Ice Freeze Spray

[two_third_first]Doctor’s Touch Medical Ice Freeze Spray is designed to remove skin tags, warts, and moles. The freezing liquid inside is –60 degrees, and can freeze a skin tag right away. It comes in a useful bundle so you can feel more confident about removing your skin growth safely.

One of the best ways to make sure you’re using this spray correctly is to use a skin tag speculum. There are different sizes to choose from, so you can use whichever speculum fits your individual needs, depending on the size of your skin tag.[/two_third_first]


Doctor's Touch Medical Ice Freeze Spray

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To use safely, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the cap from the spray. You will see a long red straw then attached to the top.
  2. Place speculum directly over your skin tag. You can even tape it down if you’d like.
  3. Insert the thin straw into the top of the speculum’s cone shape.
  4. Hold down the spray nozzle for a few seconds and release.
  5. Remove the speculum, and reuse on other skin tags as needed.

Doctor's Touch Medical Ice Freeze Spray Review

As an alternative, you can apply the spray directly to one of the included medical swabs, and then run it over the skin tag. There are different ways to use this product successfully. The most important thing is that you use the tools provided to make sure you’re only applying the spray on your skin tag.

After you’ve applied the freeze spray, your skin tags will start to scab over and eventually fall off on their own. You don’t have to do anything else.

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2. Compound W Freeze Off

[two_third_first]Compound W Freeze Off is marketed as a wart remover. But, it can be used to freeze off skin tags. If you’ve been hesitant to try a freeze spray at home, you can feel confident in using this one. It is recommended by dermatologists and is safe for kids. The primary benefit is that it contains ‘Accufreeze.’

This is a precision applicator that allows you to target a specific area, no matter how big or small the skin tag. The applicator can be adjusted to the size you need without any other attachments. That way, your healthy skin doesn’t get affected by the spray.[/two_third_first]


Compound W Freeze Off

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If you have skin tags of different sizes, you can use it on them without having to worry about the rest of your skin getting damaged.

Use the following steps to apply Compound W Freeze Off correctly:

  1. Remove the cap and place the can on a flat surface.
  2. Hold the collar of the can, and twist it into the ‘1’ position. This should be a counter-clockwise motion.
  3. Once it is locked in position, push down on the cone for three seconds. Avoid touching the metal tip in the process. You’ll hear a small hissing sound that means the product is ready to go.
  4. Turn the cone back to its locked position before using.
  5. When you’re ready to use, wait two seconds to give the applicator tip a chance to freeze.
  6. Apply the frozen tip directly onto the skin tag, and hold for 20 seconds.

Compound W Freeze Off Review

It only takes a few seconds per application, so this is a superb option if you have many skin tags on your body. They can be treated quickly, and all at once. Usually, only one treatment is needed per skin tag, and this particular kit can be used to treat up to 15.

Within a few weeks of using the product, your skin tag(s) should start to look dried out, and they may even scab over. They will fall off on their own after you’ve used this product. There is no need to pull or pick at them throughout the process as they change.

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3. Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Remover

[two_third_first]Dr. Scholl’s is one of the most popular and trusted brands for removing warts. The Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Remover can also be used to get rid of skin tags safely.

It is designed to work in as little as one treatment, and each package contains seven applications. So, if you have many skin tags, one kit can help to get rid of most (if not all) of them.

Follow these steps:[/two_third_first]


Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Wart Remover

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  1. Screw the applicator tip onto the can.
  2. Push the can down into the blue applicator. You might hear a small hissing sound that indicates it is ready.
  3. Hold the applicator against the skin tag and freeze it for 20 seconds.

Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Wart Remover

Like the other products, this method will cause your skin tag to fall off.

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What Precautions Should I Take?

Using a freeze spray or skin tag freezing kit won’t put you in any danger. As long as you follow the instructions, you will be able to freeze away skin tags safely.

  • You can choose to wear protective gear. Protective gloves are a good idea to make sure none of the freezing liquid gets on your hands.
  • You should also use a freeze spray that has some precision applicator. A spray without a tip or applicator can go everywhere, and touch other areas of your skin.

Are There Risks to Freezing Skin Tags at Home?

Some people suggest using liquid nitrogen to freeze your skin tags on your own. This is a possibility, but we don’t recommend it. Liquid nitrogen can be harmful to your skin when misused.

If you do want to use liquid nitrogen, it’s recommended that you talk with your dermatologist first. You should also research how to use it properly, and make sure you have all the protective gear necessary, like gloves, goggles, and tweezers.

If you use one of the products listed above or get cryotherapy from a dermatologist, there are few risks involved. Some people may experience redness or slight irritation at the sight of the treatment. Infection due to freezing away skin tags is rare.

You should also consider where the skin tags are located. When people want to remove their skin tags, it’s usually because they are causing any discomfort.

If you have skin tags in sensitive areas like your genitals or anus, you should talk with your doctor about the best removal methods. Using a freezing spray anywhere near your eyes isn’t recommended.

How to Freeze Skin tags at home

How to Care for a Skin Tag after Cryotherapy

Even though the likelihood of complications is low, it’s still a good idea to care for your skin tag the right way after you use a freeze spray.

Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Some people choose to put a band-aid over the skin tag. This will prevent it from snagging on anything and keep out any germs/bacteria.
  • Never pull at your skin tag after using a freeze spray. Even if it looks as though it’s about to fall off, let it come away on its own. Pulling on a skin tag that isn’t ready to fall off can cause it to bleed.
  • Apply aloe vera gel to the area around the skin tag to promote healing and reduce redness. You should only apply aloe vera to the site of the skin tag once it has gone away completely.

Here is some further advice on skin tag removal aftercare.

Is Freezing Skin Tags the Best Removal Method?

Just because skin tags don’t cause health problems doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be removed with an at-home freezing kit. Skin tags can become irritated and start to bleed if they get caught on your jewelry or clothing. They can also have implications for your self-confidence.

Freezing off skin tags is relatively painless. It can often be done with just one application of a freeze spray. It’s a great option if you have many skin tags to remove and want fast results. You mustn’t get the spray on your surrounding skin, so you will need a steady hand to get the right results.

Whether you go to a dermatologist or use one of the over the counter freeze spray options (above), you can freeze off skin tags quickly and safely. It’s a method that works for most people, but you may require a second application to get the desired outcome on bigger or more stubborn skin tags.

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