How Much Does It Cost to Remove Skin Tags?

Skin tags are not a health problem, as such, but they can understandably be a cause for concern if you’ve not had them previously. They are little more than a small piece of skin that is attached to you by a narrow stalk.

They usually grow where there are skin folds – on the eyelids, armpit, neck, and buttocks, for example. They can appear anywhere, but these are by far the most common places that you tend to find them.

Because they can be embarrassing, people often want them removed for cosmetic reasons – either on their own or by a doctor. But how much does it cost to remove skin tags? Let’s take a closer look at some affordable options.

The price varies considerably based on the method that you choose. Here are two ways that you can remove skin tags at home for under 30 bucks:

Skin tags occur more often if you’re overweight due to more folds of skin. They often form in places that can potentially get irritated because of the constant friction. You can’t prevent skin tags, but you can decrease the likelihood of getting them with some lifestyle changes.

What Does It Cost to Remove Skin Tags?

Let’s take a close look at the price of skin tag removal and factors that influence pricing.

Visit a Doctor or Dermatologist

  • You’ll have an initial consultation. A few practices provide this for free, but most charge a fixed fee of around $100 to $150.
  • Expect to pay around a $100+ for a single skin tag to be removed.
  • Doctors charge less pro rata to remove a cluster. The more removed, the lower the average cost per skin tag. For example, you may find that a dermatologist charges $300 to remove a cluster of 7-8 skin tags or $200 to remove 2-3 skin tags.
  • If you have an infected skin tag, the cost of removal ‘may’ be met by your health insurance provider.

Important: Prices vary considerably, so it pays to check how much different practices charge before booking an appointment.

Treatment methods used by doctors to get rid of skin tags include cutting them off (which requires local anesthesia), freezing them with liquid nitrogen, tying them off, and laser surgery.

You’re paying for the training and expertise of a medical professional. They will perform the procedure correctly and make sure that you don’t have a malignant skin condition. You may find that seeing a doctor offers you extra peace-of-mind.

Click on the relevant link below to find out more about 2 of the methods that doctors use:

Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tags

Many people choose to remove skin tags at home using an over-the-counter (OTC) product.  Tea tree oil is a 100% natural oil that has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.  Applying a small amount of tea tree oil will safely and painlessly get rid of a skin tag in about 3 to 6 weeks.

The best Australian tea tree oil costs a bit more, depending on the quality of the ingredients that are used. We recommend using Apothecary tea tree oil as it’s of the highest quality and achieves the best results.

Best 2 Tea Tree Oil Picks

If you like the idea of using a natural treatment, take a closer look at these two top-rated products. Click on a link below to read our review:

Ligation Techniques

Ligation is a term used for tying off a skin tag.  This is done by tying string or dental floss around a skin tag.  It is meant to cut off the blood circulation so that the skin tag so that it dies and falls off.  It usually takes about 7 to 10 days to work, and you have to continually make sure that the string, or floss, is tied tightly.  If it isn’t tight all of the time, blood will be able to get into the skin tag, and the method won’t work.

Ligation can cause some initial discomfort.  More or less, depending on where it is located. Instead of putting yourself through the frustration of doing this, there is an excellent product that will take care of everything more safely. It’s also much faster and safer than using thread to tie it off.

Use an OTC Alternative

The TagBand is a lot like the string, in that it cuts off the blood supply, but it’s designed so that it doesn’t cut into your skin.  It has a very high removal success rate, and it works in a few days. You can buy the TagBand removal device for medium and large skin tags. The Micro TagBand is intended for smaller skin tags.

Freezing Off Skin Tags

Freezing is a fast way to get rid of skin tags.  Doctors use liquid nitrogen for this, and it only takes about a minute to do.  But, it will cost you a pretty penny.  Health insurance won’t cover the cost, so you will pay between $100 and $200, depending on the doctor.

At-Home Freezing Products

There is also a doctor-recommended product that is available with no prescription.  Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away costs under $15. It instantly freezes the skin tag, just like liquid nitrogen would.

The only side effect would be a slight burning sensation. Freezing skin tags, when done correctly, is a fast way to remove them. Here are the two most popular over-the-counter skin tag freezing products, so feel free to read the reviews below:

Chemical Peel to Remove Skin Tags

Another way that doctors get rid of skin tags is by using what is called a chemical peel.  It is a potent acid that burns away the skin tag layer by layer.  You can also use this at home, but you must be careful, as it is an acid that can cause mild burns.

Many people have had great success using this method, but suggest that you surround the skin tag with Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, to make sure that the acid solution does not touch any other skin.

A good option is Trichloroacetic Acid Solution TCA 80%, as long as you are careful with it.  At only around $20, it costs much less than visiting a dermatologist.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Skin Tags

Cut Them Off with a Scalpal

Sometimes people will cut off skin tags with scissors or nail clippers after disinfecting the area with rubbing alcohol.  While this may, in fact, get rid of the skin tag immediately, some complications can occur, such as bleeding, infection, and scarring.

The reason that people opt for this method is swift, and it won’t cost you any money – it’s free. Of course, it might not be free if you get an infection and have to see a doctor. We don’t recommend this method as it has too many risks, but it’s an option.

Are there Any Hidden Costs?

How much does it cost to remove skin tags? Much depends on the method, but some excellent OTC products will get the job done for between $20 and $30. Provided that you’ve identified a skin tag correctly, you don’t need to see a doctor.

Cutting off skin tags to save money is free, but it’s not recommended. If you can’t stop the bleeding or develop an infection, you’ll need medical attention. And that could cost you a lot more money. If you want fast skin tag removal at home, we recommend the TagBand. If you’re looking for a natural method, Apothecary tea tree oil is very effective.


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