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Safely Removing Skin Tags from Your Body

Skin tags are tiny, loose flaps of skin tissue that can develop on various parts of your body, but most commonly on the neck, eyelids, groin folds or underneath breasts. They are often developed as a result of skin rubbing against jewelry or clothing, but can also develop with no apparent reason or cause. Removing skin tags can be done fairly easily, with the help of some medical products or a homemade remedy.

They can be developed by anyone, but they are especially common among older people. They may look a little unsightly but pose no potential medical problems or complications. However, they are a common pre-diabetes symptom.

Because they are harmless, the recommendation of most doctors is that they are left without treatment. However, if you are particularly dissatisfied with your appearance because of one or more tags, or find that they can become irritated and bleed easily, then there are some options available to you to remove them. If you have a skin tag infection, you are advised to consult a doctor.

The removal of skin tags is considered cosmetic surgery, as there is no known medical benefit in the treatment. This means you are more likely to pay a higher cost for such a procedure. There are also various alternatives, some of which involve a DIY or homemade treatment.

Using Medical Professionals & Products

The first method you can use for removing skin tags is to request your doctor to remove them. They will most likely remove them using one of a few different methods – cutting them off using either a scalpel or a pair of scissors to remove them from the base, cauterizing them, or freezing them off. Some general anesthesia may be necessary to numb the area and avoid unnecessary discomfort.

However, if you would like to tackle the problem without the complication of seeing the doctor, then you can choose to attempt to remove it with an over-the-counter skin tag removal product instead. Many different products on the market will successfully remove skin tags. These products are usually the first choice for removal for many people since having them removed by a doctor is often very costly.

Using Home Remedies

As an alternative to buying over-the-counter removal products or even as an addition to using other products, you can also use home remedies. Many people have had success using home remedies to get rid of skin tags. One of those is tying off skin tags with dental floss. This is also termed ligation, and essentially ‘suffocates’ it by cutting off blood supply to it. This causes it to die, at which point it should fall off.

To perform this method, purchase some dental floss and tie it around the skin tag. Pull on either end each day to keep the area very tight and maintain a constriction of blood into the area. You may notice the color of the skin tag start to change as the days pass, and after drying up eventually it will completely fall off.

A similar method to utilizing dental floss is through the usage of duct tape. The duct tape should be pressed tightly over the skin tag and pressed firmly to the skin, so there are no gaps. This works in a very similar way to the dental floss; however, instead of restricting blood supply, it denies the tag the requisite amount of oxygen to stay alive and will die in the same manner. You’ll find that the skin tags turned black overnight.

Try to keep the duct tape applied to the area containing the tag for as long as possible; 5-7 days without any oxygen supply should be enough to kill it. Once you remove the tape, you may find that the skin tag comes off with it. If it doesn’t but appears weakened by this procedure, then simply repeat until the skin tag can be removed.

Instead of using duct tape, you may decide to apply an adhesive bandage. This restricts the supply of oxygen to the skin tag in the same manner that the duct tape does; however, because of the difference in the material it affords you the opportunity to apply a substance containing vitamin E inside the bandage.

remove skin tags fast

A vitamin E capsule is probably the most suitable thing to use, because of its size and the amount of vitamin E included. The benefit of including the vitamin E is that it will help the skin heal as the tag falls off – this may prevent the reformation of the skin tag. If the treatment does not work the first time around, re-apply it.

Whatever treatment method you choose to try for removing skin tags, remember to be safe and thoroughly read both guidance and instruction. Try not to let jewelry or clothing cause excessive rubbing in any area, because it can produce more of them. If you follow these methods carefully, you should be free of them very quickly.

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