Do Skin Tags Have Roots and Nerve Endings?

Skin tags have nerve cells (neurons), but they don’t have roots.

Most of the time, skin tags are nothing more than an annoying growth. They aren’t dangerous and are almost always benign. But, depending on where they are, they can be slightly irritating. You can quickly identify a skin tag by the way it looks and feels. They usually are soft, easily moveable, and flesh-colored.

Once you’ve determined you have a skin tag and not another type of growth, you can decide if you want to remove it or not. A skin tag will rarely go away on its own unless it somehow becomes twisted. If you choose to remove skin tags at home, there are a number of options available to you.

Does skin tag removal hurt? In most cases, it doesn’t cause much discomfort. You shouldn’t feel too much pain when you remove a skin tag correctly. Unfortunately, some people grow impatient with their skin tags and try to pick or cut it off.  Without anesthetic, you will experience pain.

You shouldn’t try to cut off a skin tag. It can lead to bleeding and infection. It will also hurt quite a bit. This is because skin tags do have nerve endings. They don’t have roots that dive underneath your skin (like a wart, for example). But, they do have a stalk that connects them to your body.

Does Getting Rid of a Skin Tag Cause Nerve Pain?

Again, skin tag removal doesn’t ‘normally’ cause too much pain, but some areas of the body are definitely more sensitive than others.  These include skin tags around the eyes, anus, testicles, and genitals. These will hurt more than neck skin tag removal, for example.

We’ll also cover other factors to consider when getting rid of this benign growth. Skin tags are harmless, but they do have nerves. If you approach removal in the wrong way, you should expect the experience to be painful.

Also, skin tags that are infected or irritated in some way can be far more problematic. Don’t attempt to remove a skin tag that is showing signs of irritation. Allow it to heal first.

How Are Skin Tags Attached?

Skin tags are attached to the body by a stalk. They are located on the surface of the skin. They are peduncular and may look like they’re ‘hanging.’

Because skin tags are attached by a stalk, they must be removed at the base of the stalk. While this stalk doesn’t have roots, it does have nerve endings. That’s why cutting off a skin tag without anesthetic hurts. Other methods will just sting slightly, and some don’t cause any discomfort.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous in Certain Locations?

Skin tags are benign growths no matter where they are located. There is no concrete answer about what causes them. But, most research suggests that it has something to do with friction. That’s why they are most common in areas like eyelids, the neck, under the arms, etc.

But, you can experience a skin tag pretty much anywhere on the body. Unless they are located in a place that could be difficult to remove, they aren’t dangerous. For example, if you have a skin tag on the entrance to your anus or nostril, it may be difficult to remove without irritating the area itself. It isn’t dangerous, but you will need to take precautions in removing it.

What to Consider before Removing a Skin Tag

Removal is usually based on your preference. Since they are harmless, many people choose not to do anything about them. There are several factors to consider, though, if you want to remove a skin tag safely.

Things to keep in mind include:

  • Is the skin tag causing irritation? Sometimes, skin tags can be located on areas that are affected by clothes, jewelry, etc. In these cases, the skin tag might get snagged on something. Because the skin tag has nerve cells, it can be painful.
  • Consider removing a skin tag if it starts to look different to you. Skin tags are usually flesh-colored. Sometimes, though, they are slightly darker. If your growth starts to dramatically change color, size, or shape, a doctor can remove the growth and run a biopsy on it.

Is Cutting Off a Skin Tag Painful?

Cutting off a skin tag at home can be dangerous. The nerve endings within the stalk can cause it to hurt if you do so. Even if you ‘numb’ the area, cutting off the tag at home is never a good idea. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to cut off the stalk. So, you’ll just be cutting the top of the tag, which won’t get rid of it completely.

Cutting off a skin tag can also be dangerous, depending on where it is located. You wouldn’t want to try a risky removal method around your eyelid, for example.

There is only one safe way to cut off a skin tag: Have the procedure done by a dermatologist. Surgically removing skin tags is an option, but it should always be done by a medical professional. They’ll be able to remove the growths by cutting them from the stalks. Minimal bleeding should occur, and they can numb the area the right way, so you won’t feel any pain.

Do skin tags have roots?

What Is the Best Way to Remove a Skin Tag?

If you’ve made the decision to get rid of a skin tag, there are a few safe methods that you can use at home. One of the quickest and easiest ways to get rid of a skin tag is with the TagBand removal kit. This kit is designed to get rid of a skin growth in a short amount of time.

The TagBand works by tying off the skin tag using a specialized tool. Once the tie is around the growth, you leave it there until the skin tag falls off on its own. The tie works as a solution to cut off circulation from the stalk. It will take about a week. But, eventually, the growth will fall off. You can try a similar method using a piece of wire or dental floss.

There are several home remedies for skin tags. One of the most popular is to use tea tree oil. You may be able to remove a skin tag naturally with this essential oil in a matter of weeks.

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic. It also has anti-microbial properties. It can be used for a variety of different skin conditions and helps to heal and restore the skin. It helps to get rid of skin tags by gradually drying them out.

Eventually, the skin tag should turn dark (even black) after regularly using tea tree oil. That’s a good sign that it will fall off on its own soon. Even if a skin tag looks like it’s ready to fall off, don’t pick it or try to pull it off. Wait for it to come off on its own as there will still be nerve endings underneath.

Do I Need to Remove a Skin Tag?

In most cases, you won’t ever need to remove a skin tag. Unless it bothers you from a cosmetic standpoint, is in an annoying location, or you’re worried it could be cancerous, you need do nothing.

If you don’t remove a skin tag correctly, it could be risky. Because of the nerve cells within the stalk, cutting or picking off a tag can cause a lot of pain. Plus, it may not remove the skin tag completely.

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