How to Safely Remove a Skin Tag on the Eyelash Line

A skin tag on eyelash lane can be more than an annoying cosmetic problem. Why? Well, they’re harmless benign growths, no matter where they’re located. But, a skin tag on the lower eyelash or upper lash line can be a cause of discomfort.

It will likely be more noticeable than it would on other areas of the body. They typically show up in areas where skin rubs against skin (or jewelry, clothes, etc.). Areas like the neck, under the arms, and eyelids are more prone to them as a result. But, the lash line is different from the actual eyelid. Your eyelash line ‘rubs’ against the skin – every time you blink. So, if your lashes aren’t adequately doing their job, you could be more prone to getting a skin tag there, due to the friction.

It can cause discomfort, or even pain, depending on its exact location. Let’s dive deeper into what you should know about them, and how to effectively remove them.

What Are the Problems Caused by a Skin Tag on Eyelash Line?

Your eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of the body, and that includes the eyelid and lash line. While small bumps near to the eyes don’t cause any health issues, it can irritate that sensitive skin. Getting one anywhere around the eyes can be more of an annoyance than somewhere else on the body. So, many people seek out treatment options quickly.

What’s the big deal about this particular location? It won’t necessarily be painful itself, but it can cause irritation when you blink. What would happen if your eyelashes touched the eyeball itself every time you blinked? One that’s exactly on the line could be large enough to do just that. This could create a ‘scratching’ feeling against your eye.

We tend to touch our eyes and face a lot throughout the day. Most of the time, we don’t even realize it. But, something as simple as rubbing your eye can cause even more discomfort with a growth there. If you accidentally ‘pull’ on it, or drag it somehow, it can become painful. Simply put? It’s an inconvenient location. Unlike many other spots, it’s hard to ignore one in that area.

Furthermore, an eyelash skin tag will likely be more unsightly than a skin tag on the eyelid, or elsewhere on the face. We simply aren’t used to seeing growths on that particular spot. When people choose to have them removed, it’s usually for cosmetic reasons. When it is in such a prominent spot on the face, seeking out treatment may seem even more important.

Here is some additional info on the reasons for skin tags by the eyes.

How to Get Rid of Eyelash Skin Tags

Removing skin tags around the eyes is always a more sensitive subject than other areas. Because this particular area of skin is so delicate, choosing the right treatment option is important. They won’t normally go away unless they’re treated unless you’re pregnant. To get rid of them, they either need to be removed (by a doctor), or the blood supply needs to be somehow cut off. That doesn’t change, no matter where it is on the body.

People tend to become more worried about the pain factor of removal on the sensitive skin around the eyes. But, medical options, or over the counter skin tag removal options are usually very safe, and effective.

Surgical Removal Options

Surgical removal options are usually all outpatient procedures. The most common medical procedures for removing tags are incision, cryogenics, or cauterization. An incision would use a scalpel to remove a skin tag. Cryogenics allows your doctor to use liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin tag quickly so that it can be brushed away. Cauterization ‘burns’ the skin tag at the stalk to remove it. Talk to your doctor about possible removal options, and what would be the safest for the skin around your eyes.

Over-the-Counter Treatments

Because they can be cosmetically unappealing, over the counter treatment options, have become more popular in recent years. Surgical options can be somewhat expensive, and insurance typically doesn’t cover them. So, people have demanded an increase in the effectiveness of ‘OTC’ products – and for the most part, these products have delivered!

Most OTC skin tag removal products will contain mostly natural ingredients. You may even be able to use certain types of wart removers that also market toward skin tags. Herbal extracts and essential oils (such as tea tree oil) are common ingredients in over the counter removal products. Don’t be afraid to do your research when it comes to the safety of your skin, and your eyes. Some products may contain ingredients that could cause a negative reaction. As long as you’re aware of the active ingredients in OTC products, they can be extremely effective.

eyelash-skin-tags removal methods

Safe Skin Tag on the Eyelash Line Removal

Having a skin tag on your eyelash line can be embarrassing, and uncomfortable. If it gets big enough, it can even affect your vision. Unfortunately, there are no true prevention methods. They can ‘show up’ at any time, despite our best efforts.

Living a healthy lifestyle is always a safe suggestion when it comes to preventing skin tags as much as possible. If a growth does show up, knowing how to remove a skin tag on the eyelash line safely is the most important factor to consider. Using treatment options and ingredients that won’t damage your eyes or skin should be your top priority when it comes to removal.

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