Skin Tag Keeps Getting Bigger, But Why?

Skin tags are usually tiny, just a few millimeters in size. Sometimes, though, skin tags can get a lot larger due to the amount of blood. The flow of blood to skin tags usually increases as a result of constant friction, rubbing, pulling, twisting or irritation.

Even when a skin tag starts to get bigger, there is no need to worry that it is cancerous. They are just benign growths, which means that they are not a medical concern. Even so, they can be painful sometimes, as well as embarrassing.

The best way to stop a skin tag from growing larger is removal by a doctor or an at-home treatment. Unfortunately, medical insurance rarely covers the cost. It’s a cosmetic issue, so you have to bear the cost.

Given that it can cost hundreds of dollars to get a large skin tag removed, OTC skin tag removers have grown in popularity. Obviously, you need to make sure that what you’re treating is a skin tag.

How to Stop a Skin Tag Getting Bigger

Once you’ve performed an accurate self-diagnosis, you can treat a skin tag that isn’t infected with the TagBand, which is a form of ligation. This is where the flow of blood is inhibited by a narrow band, so it will typically fall off in less than ten days.

There are two sizes of TagBands available:

  1. For smaller skin tags, you should use the Micro TagBand.
  2. If your skin tags are larger, you should use the TagBand skin tag removal device.

We will talk more about some reasons why skin tags grow in size and the things that you can and can’t do. There are simple ways to remove these benign growths safely at home. Find out more about the top pick in our in-depth TagBand Review.

Some treatments are quick, and some take longer, but a correctly identified skin tag (that isn’t infected) can be removed safely and painlessly. Some parts of the body require greater care than others.

Why Is My Skin Tag Growing Quickly?

When you find that a skin tag is starting to grow fast, you should get a skin tag treatment that will stop the blood flow. This will prevent it from getting any larger, and it will start to reduce its size as there’s no blood circulating to it.

If it is growing quickly, there’s a jagged pattern, and the colors are continually changing, talk with your doctor without delay. You need to make sure that you don’t have a melanoma. Provided that you get the all-clear, you’ll be able to remove it safely.

Can Skin Tags Fall Off on Their Own?

Skin tags don’t usually fall off on their own. There are some instances, however, when this can happen. Sometimes the skin tag accidentally gets twisted, to the point where there is no blood circulating to the skin tag.

Pregnant women develop skin tags due to hormones. After you’ve given birth, you may find that the skin tag drops off. Wait a few months to see if this happens on its own if you can.

This may or may not cause pain, but the skin tag will turn a darker color. When it turns a very dark color, even black, that means that it has dried up and died, and will fall off shortly.

Pulling Off or Picking a Skin Tag

You should never try to pick off a skin tag. The only thing this will do is cause pain. If you were to tear it even just a little, it would likely start to bleed and become more noticeable. How much it will bleed depends on where the skin tag is located.

They are easy to remove, painlessly and with little-to-no bleeding, depending on how you choose to remove them. There’s no reason to try to pull off a skin tag, but it can be tempting to keep playing with or twisting them. The more you do it, the more annoying they’ll become.

Irritation or Pain around Skin Tag

If you are experiencing pain, that often means that a skin tag has become irritated and infected. When they are irritated by clothing, or skin rubbing against skin, you’ll likely experience some level of discomfort, unfortunately.

You’ll probably want to get rid of a skin tag quickly. You don’t have to go to a doctor to remove it as you can do it at home with the Micro TagBand once the infection has cleared up.

Skin Tag under Eye Getting Bigger

The best way to stop a benign growth is to remove it at an early stage. There are treatments available over the counter, but you have to be particularly careful when removing a skin tag that’s close to the eye.

Make sure that you sterilize the area thoroughly to avoid infection, and avoid applying any runny liquids. Always read the instructions carefully to make sure that your preferred over-the-counter product is suitable for application to a sensitive part of the face.

Skin Tag Keeps Getting Bigger

How to Get Rid of Large Skin Tags with 2 Proven OTC Products

There are ways to remove large skin tags without pain or bleeding. The larger the skin tag is, of course, the more time it will take to remove. But some products will remove it fairly quickly, and more important for most people, painlessly.

  1. One of the best ways to get rid of large skin tags is the Micro TagBand. This tool is straightforward to use. The kit comes with a special cone and small rubber bands. Just put a band on the tool and roll the band off of the tool. Just leave it in place until it falls off on its own about a week later.
  2. The BuyNaturally Skin Tag Remover Kit is a cream that comes with its own special applicator. All that you have to do is stir the cream, and use the applicator to apply it to the skin tag. Cover up the area and allow it to get to work.

When your skin tag keeps getting bigger, there is no reason to panic. It’s just receiving a larger amount of blood, which has caused it to swell up. Invest in a treatment that will take off the skin tag before it has a chance to grow any larger.

You have to be more careful when skin tags grow on sensitive parts of the body, such as the penis, anus or vaginal area. You may also need help from a family member if the skin tag is in a difficult-to-reach position.

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