The Mystery of the Skin Tag on Scalp- Explained

The Mystery of the Skin Tag on Scalp- ExplainedSkin tags are benign growths that usually occur when your skin is rubbing together. Skin tags can frequently occur on your neck, stomach, groin, and armpits.However, sometimes these skin tags can occur on skin that does not touch any other skin. For instance, a somewhat commonplace for skin tags to occur is on the scalp.

A skin tag on the scalp will puzzle many people and may cause some mild panic. Simply put, they just are not that common. This article will explain the causes of skin tags on the scalp and the best way to treat them.

Why Do We Get Skin Tags on Our Scalp?

As mentioned earlier, skin tags on the scalp are one of those things that people are curious about because it isn’t a typical place you would find them. The scalp does not have any skin to rub together.There are other ways for skin tags to form though.

Sometimes a skin tag will develop if the pores have become clogged, which is often caused by sweat. The blocked pores will create an environment that is suitable for skin tag growth.

Other times the skin tag will actually spread from one part of the body to the other;this usually occurs from touch. It may also occur from using a towel that a person with skin tags had used recently.

The type of skin tags caused by contact are the types also caused by bacteria or fungus. Simply put, the bacteria or fungus will move from the skin tag and grow on another body.

On very rare occasions a skin tag on the scalp may actually be from a malignant growth. In other words, cancer. Again, this is fairly rare. You should still consult a dermatologist about any skin tags on your scalp to ensure that it is not cancerous.

The Difference Between a Skin Tag and Other Skin Growths

Since skin tags on the scalp are not common, you will want to be able to differentiate between the different skin conditions you may have. The best way to do this is by visiting the dermatologist so they can examine the growth on your scalp. If they are unsure, they will need to perform a biopsy to make sure that the growth isn’t malignant or cancerous.

Are Skin Tags on the Scalp Dangerous?

Usually, no. The skin tags on your scalp are not dangerous. You probably do not like having them on your scalp, but they will usually not cause any damage.

Sometimes the skin tags may be cancerous. Again, the only way to know for sure is to visit a dermatologist and have them inspected. Fortunately, the odds that your skin tags are cancerous is quite rare.

What are the Best Ways to Remove Skin Tags on the Scalp?

Removing skin tags on the scalp may seem easy; however, if you have hair, then removing them can be quite difficult. The usual remedies of rubbing oil on your head may not work as well as other methods. The oil may also make your hair greasy and gross.

If you do not have hair on your head, then removing skin tags from your scalp involves the same steps as removing skin tags from other parts of your body. The only difference is that you cannot easily hide the bandage.

Scalp Skin Tag Removal

Scalp Skin Tag RemovalRemoving a skin tag from your scalp when you have hair is difficult, so there are really only a few options available that will work effectively without damaging your hair.

Freezing Them Off

Freezing off your skin tags is still an option when you have hair. All you need to do is purchase the cream and have a friend apply it to the tag.

Just be careful not to get too much cream on your hair as the cream can damage your hair. A good way to avoid this is to have your friend part your hair and use a cotton swab to carefully apply the cream to your skin tag.

Freezing off a skin tag leaves a scar. However, if you have hair, then your hair will cover up the scar; this makes freezing off your skin tags the best option if you have hair.

Tea Tree Oil

Applying tea tree oil to your scalp is the same as applying the freezing cream. Have a friend dip a cotton swab in the oil, part your hair, and apply the oil to your skin tag. The tea tree oil is not harmful to your hair, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting any oil on your hair.

If you do not have hair, then you can do the same process. You also do not have to worry about getting any on your skin because the oil is not bad for your skin.

Cutting Your Hair When You Have a Skin Tag

Cutting hair with a skin tag might sound difficult. The difficulty depends on the type of haircut that you want. If you want a buzz cut or you want to shave your head, then you must be careful. On the other hand, trimming the split ends from your hair is not really a concern.

For a buzz cut,to make sure to inform your barber about your skin tag beforehand. They will usually go around it and then carefully trim the hair around the tag. You certainly do not want the barber to use the clippers over the skin tag or accidentally cut off the skin tag with scissors. This will almost always cause irritation and inflammation, which will only make having a skin tag more difficult.It will also lengthen the amount of time it takes for the skin tag to fall off.

Final Thoughts

A skin tag on your scalp is not something that you should be overly concerned about. They do sometimes occur although they are still rare.

If the tag looks particularly unusual, then you should have a dermatologist inspect it to ensure that the skin tag is not cancerous.

Other than that, the removal process is relatively straightforward. Just make sure to be careful with your hair and when you have a haircut. One mistake while getting a haircut can make the process much more difficult for you.

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