What Are the Reasons Why Women Get Skin Tags During Menopause?

Skin tags can appear on anyone, but they’re most commonly found on people experiencing hormonal fluctuations or carrying extra weight. Most women don’t bother to remove them, but they can be annoying, embarrassing, and irritating. Hormones are believed to play a role in skin tags during menopause, just as they do during pregnancy. As your body changes, the likelihood of developing these small growths also rises.

Both men and women experience hormonal changes, but men go through them in their early teen years. Women, however, have many changes throughout their lifetime. This doesn’t just happen during the teen years but also if they become pregnant and during menopause.

There is no proven medical reason, nor is there any reason to be concerned. They grow mainly due to friction on the skin. This can be skin rubbing on the skin, tight clothing or even jewelry rubbing. This constant friction is believed to be the cause of skin tags.

In this article, we will discuss why skin tags appear during menopause. Also, we will talk about other hormonal changes that could be an underlying cause. Finally, we will provide some advice on how to get rid of skin tags at home.

Skin Tags During Menopause Are Common Due to Hormones

Hormonal changes take place in everyone. Male or female, older or younger. In the younger years, especially the teen years, puberty causes a lot of changes. Some teens gain weight fairly quickly during this stage, and many also wear tight clothing.

If teens, especially older teens, start to take steroids to build muscle, this can also affect the hormone levels. Skin will start to stretch and grow quickly, and this can lead to the overlapping of skin, which can also cause them to form.

Why Do Women Get Skin Tags During Menopause?

Women go through a lot of changes. Pregnancy is one of those times, and many women get skin tags under the breasts. Also, as clothes start getting tighter, they can develop where the clothing meets the skin. The extra weight that women put on over the years, or during pregnancy, can also lead to the formation of skin tags.

Hormonal & Bodily Changes

As women get older, they start to go through menopause. This is a time when hormones start to change, and estrogen levels drop. The skin starts to lose its elasticity, and this can lead to overlapping skin. This causes the skin to rub against itself, sometimes resulting in skin tags constantly.

Menopause causes many changes in the body. Besides the loss of elasticity of the skin, many women gain or lose a good amount of weight. They also sweat more due to hot flushes, and this can lead to additional skin irritation. Either way, these changes to the skin could easily form extra folds, giving skin tags an opportunity to grow.

Not a Health Concern or Risk

Skin tags are not harmful. They are simply extra bits of skin that grow from continuous friction on the skin. As mentioned before, some people never bother to remove them, but in many cases, skin tags can cause a bit of discomfort if you irritate them.

Hormonal changes are tough to handle, and skin tags just make the situation worse. Thankfully, though, there are straightforward ways to get rid of skin tags. You don’t have to put up with embarrassment or discomfort. Depending on how you choose to remove them, they could be gone in a half an hour, or in a few months. If you choose the wrong removal method, they won’t go away at all.

Quickly & Easily Removing Skin Tags at Home

Some people choose to go to a doctor or dermatologist to have them removed, but health insurance won’t cover this procedure because it’s deemed to be a cosmetic and not a health issue. Going to the doctors can cost a bit of money, and if you work outside of the home, could also result in having to take time off. You should expect to pay upwards of $100 per skin tag, which can start to get expensive if you have a cluster or get them regularly.

There are excellent treatments available that you can safely use by yourself at home. Let’s take a closer look at your options:

Skin Tags During Menopause


If you have been looking for ways to get rid of skin tags, you have probably read about tying a skin tag off with dental floss or string. While that does work, it can also cause pain and infection. A skin tag is a piece of skin and a living part of the human body.

There is a product called TagBand that does the same thing, but it does it more safely and successfully. It is also easy to use, and the skin tag will be gone in about a week. The TagBand comes in the form of a kit, which includes bands and an applicator. There are no creams or liquids to apply.

Pristine Herbal Touch Wart Mole Vanish

Although the name doesn’t mention skin tags, this product is good at removing these small benign growths. Other methods of removal are effective, but when you want a skin tag removed fast, this will do the trick. The skin tag will be gone in as little as 20 minutes.

It is a cream, but it isn’t runny. You simply apply it to the skin tags and wash it off after it’s done its job. To learn more about how this product works, read our full review of Pristine Herbal Touch Wart Mole Vanish.

There is no guaranteed way to avoid getting skin tags during menopause. Almost everyone will get at least one during their lifetime. Developing skin tags during menopause or other hormonal changes happens quite often. They are not cancerous at all, and they can be taken off easily with one of the methods we’ve alluded to above in this post.

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