Top 10 Ways to Lose Skin Tags Naturally

Although they are just little extra pieces of skin, the location may have you searching for the best way to get rid of skin tags fast. Some people have only one or two, but others have them in different areas of the body. Many individuals are trying to find out how to lose skin tags naturally and to avoid any unwanted chemical or allergic reactions.

We’ve researched many products and have sought to identify what does and doesn’t work. One natural skin tag treatment that we’ve found that works well is Australian tea tree oil. We recommend this treatment because it’s one of the few natural ways to treat skin tags that get the job done.

Many natural products that remove skin tags contain essential oils. They come from the barks of trees and leaves of plants that have been used for hundreds of years for skin ailments. Tea tree oil is one of the best, as it has many healing properties that will cause skin tags to fall off naturally, with no side effects whatsoever.

In this post, we will talk about the most popular natural ways of getting rid of skin tags. We have listed different things that people have tried, and we will share with you some of the results that have been achieved with each method of treatment.

How to Lose Skin Tags Naturally

When it comes to healing a skin growth, natural methods are a safer option. People of any age can use them without having to worry about any side effects. Also, ingredients taken directly from nature have potent healing properties, hence the reason that they’re used in many of the best over-the-counter skin tag removers.

These include the ability to heal the skin fast, eliminating the need for another product to get rid of skin tag scars after it is gone.

The options below have been used to remove skin tags. Some work and some don’t work at all. Also, we all respond differently to the ingredients, so results are likely to vary considerably.

Top 10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Skin Tags

1. Tea tree oil

We think well of this essential oil because it works. It is one of the quickest ways of naturally removing skin tags. It is safe for just about anyone to use, and it won’t harm the surrounding skin.

Make sure that the oil says 100% therapeutic tea tree oil. One of the best brands to use is Australian Tea Tree Oil. You can read more about it in our review by clicking the link.

Tea tree oil has natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties. There’s no risk of scarring at all.

It doesn’t cause any burning sensation or discomfort.  It couldn’t get any easier to use. You just put some on a cotton swab, such as a Q-tip, and apply it to the skin tag three times a day. For best results, we recommend soaking some cotton wool in tea tree oil and covering it with a bandage. We’ve created a step-by-step tea tree oil skin tag removal guide.

As it is a natural product, it will take longer to work, but it is well worth it. You will notice that the skin tag is getting darker, which only means that the blood and oxygen supply has been cut off. Very soon after that happens, the skin tag will fall off on its own, and there will be no marks whatsoever when it does.

2. Frankincense Oil

If you want to try frankincense oil for skin tags, make sure that you buy 100% therapeutic grade oil, not the kind that is used for aromatherapy. As this is a strong oil, it is best to mix it with another oil, such as castor oil. This won’t lessen the effectiveness, but it will add to the healing ability.

To use it, all that you have to do is to mix the two oils and apply the mixture directly to the skin tag with a small cotton swab twice daily.  The best times are morning and before you go to bed at night. After you apply the oils, it is recommended that you put an adhesive bandage over it. It does take longer than tea tree oil to work, though.  With daily use, some people see results in two to three months.

This essential oil has natural healing properties that regenerate new skin. It has specific nutrients in it that will kill the skin tag, with no pain or discomfort, and will work to heal the skin.

You should not use it on children, or if you are pregnant or nursing.  There has not been enough clinical research on it yet to say if it goes into the bloodstream or not.

3. Oregano Oil

This is an essential oil that has natural skin healing properties. When you use Oregano oil correctly, your skin tag could be gone within a month or two. Results do vary.

To use this as a natural skin tag remover, you should mix it with coconut oil or jojoba oil. These give more power to the oregano oil, enabling it to eliminate the skin tag fast.

Make a mixture with three drops of Oregano oil and six drops of coconut, olive, or jojoba oil. Apply it three times a day.

4. Bloodroot

The juice from bloodroot, also known as Sanguinaria Canadensis, is potent. It is considered by herbalists to be toxic, but many people claim to have used it to get rid of a skin tag. You can buy it in paste or powder form.

We suggest that you put a thin coating of petroleum jelly on the surrounding skin. You can apply bloodroot with a small cotton swab or toothpick, and cover it up with an adhesive bandage.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

The reason it is believed to work is that apple cider vinegar contains natural acids that can remove skin tags.

It is used for many other skin ailments, as well, because it includes Alpha Hydroxy acid and acidic acid. These natural acids, along with the other natural vitamins and minerals, are ‘considered’ to be effective for healing the skin. It will also allow new skin cells to regenerate faster, leaving no hint of a skin tag behind.

Soak a cotton ball, or swab, with the vinegar and squeeze out the excess. Put it on your skin tags, and leave it in place.  Do this up to 3 times a day. Because of the natural acids in it, it can sting or become itchy where it is applied.  If your skin is sensitive, dilute it with water.

It’s a popular treatment, but we can find no evidence that it works.

Will apple cider vinegar remove my skin tags?

6. Vitamin E Capsules

Vitamin E is beneficial to the skin. To use it, buy high-quality vitamin E capsules. Break one open and put the liquid on the skin tag itself.  Because it is not strong, it doesn’t matter if it gets on the surrounding skin. After the liquid is applied, cover it with an adhesive bandage.

This process aims to cut off the blood supply while the vitamin E heals the skin. The band-aid has to be left on for several days, and you should reapply the liquid from the capsule every few days.

Again, we can find no evidence that it works, but it’s good for the skin.

7. Castor Oil & Baking Soda

Making a paste of castor oil and baking soda is considered a way to get rid of skin tags naturally. Some people swear by it. It does make sense, though, as castor oil is an essential oil. It has natural skin-healing capabilities. The baking soda is said to dry out a skin tag.

Apply this paste mixture to the skin tag itself, and put an adhesive bandage over it to keep it from coming off as it dries. The paste will work slowly, but safely. It is, by no means, a fast treatment. You’ll have to use it for a long time before you can assess its effectiveness.

8. Lemon Juice

Lemons are highly acidic. The people that have used lemon juice for skin tag removal say that it does take time for it to work. The acid is supposed to eat away at the skin tag, over time. When you apply it frequently during the day, the skin tag will start to lose the blood and oxygen supply that it needs to survive.

While lemon juice is a natural way to get rid of skin tags, we believe that there are much better options. We don’t think that it works.

Lemon Juice for Skin Tag Removal

9. Dandelion Stem Juice

The milk, or juice, that dandelions produce is meant to be able to heal many different skin ailments. Squeeze the liquid from the stem and apply it directly onto the skin tag.

You do have to apply it frequently during the day, up to 4 or 5 times.  Clean the juice off of the skin tag and surrounding skin.  Cover it up with an adhesive bandage to make sure that it doesn’t wipe off.

It supposedly works by drying out the skin tag. You have to keep using it until the skin tag completely dries out and falls off, which will likely take many months if it happens at all. We’ll give it a miss.

Some people are allergic to dandelions. If you are allergic to other flowers or weeds like daisies, ragweed, or marigolds, there is a high chance that you will also be allergic to this liquid.

10. Ginger

Some people have used raw ginger to remove skin tags. It is believed that the ginger has healing properties and can remove skin tags.

Rub the ginger onto it. You have to do this many times a day to ‘possibly’ get results.

Essential oils are the best natural treatment for skin tag removal, especially tea tree oil. It not only has the capability to get rid of a skin tag, but it heals the skin at the same time.

When you search for natural skin tag removal methods, you will be bombarded with things that either don’t work, or can be painful. You just have to be careful as natural doesn’t always mean safe.

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