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Best Skin Tag Removal Cream (Top 3 Products that REALLY Work)

If you want the best skin tag removal cream, you’ve come to the right place. These creams won’t moisturize your skin or make it feel soft. Instead, they cauterize the small growth. The skin tag will be gone and it’s then a matter of waiting for the skin to fully heal.

Quality counts for an awful lot. If you buy a low-quality product, your experience may be more painful, and your skin tag won’t be removed entirely. That’s why you need to find a top rated skin tag cream that works.

We’ve reviewed our three favorite creams for skin tag removal. Each one is fast, efficient and far cheaper than visiting a dermatologist. We’ve also included plenty of info on how to apply creams like these, whether there are any side effects, and whether skin tags can grow back.

Where Can You Apply a Skin Tag Remover Cream?

Skin tag removal cream

Before you go ahead and buy a cream that removes skin tags, you should understand how it works, and where it can be applied. First things first, skin tag remover cream is safer than some of the other methods.

The three creams we review below are safe, natural and straightforward to apply. They can, therefore, be used almost anywhere on the body. With some creams, you have to leave them overnight, which can make them impractical to use. You, therefore, cannot use them in areas where you could not dress the wound with a Band-Aid or bandage.

The following areas are just a few that you could use these creams:

What's the Best Over the Counter Skin Tag Cream?

OTC Product:Pricing InfoWorks:Speed:Simplicity:Safe:Value:
HaloDerm Advanced Mole and Skin Tag Remover ReviewBuy on Amazon7/109/107/105/10$$$
BuyNaturally Skin Tag Wart Remover KitBuy on Amazon6.5/109/107/105/10$$

When it comes to choosing the best over the counter skin tag remover cream, it can be difficult to know where to start. The market is saturated with options and they don’t all work.

Before we move on to discuss each cream, we would like to point out the following pros and cons that apply to chemical cauterization:

  • You should not use these products next to your eyes. Manufacturers say that you can use them around your eyes (and other sensitive areas) at your discretion. However, there are other methods which are more suitable for use in these areas.
  • Creams like the ones below all cause a slight burning sensation. The sensation is not too intense, and will not last a very long time, but you may find it uncomfortable.
  • After the skin tag scabs over, you will have to take proper care of the area, or it will scar. Natural cauterization is one of the most effective ways of removing a skin tag, but it will leave a small scab. Like any scab, if you peel it too soon, it may leave a scar or blemish. This is especially the case if you misapply the cream (e.g., by applying too much at once or over time).

If you still think that cauterization is the way to go, take a look at each of the best skin tag removal products below. Every one of them is natural and safe, but each has different features.

1. Wart & Mole Vanish Herbal Self Application Kit

[two_third_first]Wart & Mole Vanish is the first product on our shortlist. It’s a well-known and popular product marketed by ‘Pristine Herbal Touch’. Wart & Mole Vanish is a natural herbal cream, made with everyday ingredients, not chemicals. But if you’re not a fan of ‘natural’ products, don’t worry: it’s just as effective as anything that a big multinational chemical company would make.

How Does It Work?

Like other kinds of skin tag cream, it is applied topically to the area in question. Unlike some other types of cream, you won’t have to apply it time after time, night after night; it works in just twenty minutes. It causes natural cauterization, also known as ‘chemical’ cauterization.[/two_third_first]


Pristine Herbal Touch Wart Mole Vanish

Buy on Amazon


Of course, the name doesn’t imply that Wart & Mole Vanish is synthesized in a lab. It contains just a few ingredients: cashew plant, fig plant, greater Celandine plant, lemon, de-ionized water, and talc. These ingredients combine together to cause chemical cauterization, which kills the tissue of the skin tag, causing it to scab over and drop off.

What Do You Get In Each Kit?

When you buy this product, you won’t just get a cream. You get a whole kit that you can use to tackle your skin tag (or skin tags).

Your Wart & Mole Vanish kit will contain:

  • A small jar of cream
  • Anti-bacterial solution to apply to scabs
  • Scratching tools
  • An emery board
  • Applicator sticks to apply the cream
  • Cotton swabs

You don’t need much Wart & Mole Vanish cream to get rid of skin tags. In fact, the kit comes with just 0.05ml of cream, or 0.001oz! You might be surprised when you open the kit, and the jar looks empty… The cream is contained in a capsule in the lid. This might not seem like a lot, but it’s all you need.

Pristine Wart Mole Vanish for Getting Rid of Skin Tags

Pros vs. Cons

  • Wart & Mole Vanish works quickly. In fact, it works faster than any of the other creams on our list.
  • This product contains nothing but natural ingredients.
  • Wart & Mole Vanish costs more than the other products on our list. That being said, it still costs less than a dermatologist. Remember that doctors charge per skin tag that they remove- so if you have several, your costs will add up. You only pay once for Wart & Mole Vanish.

In Summary…

If you would like to remove your skin tags, you can’t go far wrong with Wart & Mole Vanish. It’s fast and effective, and even though it does cost more than the alternatives in our list, it comes with a money back guarantee.

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Pristine Herbal Touch - Wart & Mole Vanish, All Natural Mole & Skin Tag Remover (Fast Results, 20 Minute Application) Award Winning, Best Mole Remover, Best Wart Remover, Fast & Effective, All Natural
  • JUST ONE 20-MINUTE SINGLE APPLICATION - Pristine Herbal Touch Wart & Mole Vanish removes 2-5 large growths or 5-25 smaller growths with one kit. Read the instructions fully and start the removal process with our one, 20-minute application process. 
  • FAST & EFFECTIVE MOLE AND SKIN TAG REMOVAL - One, 20-minute application is normal in most circumstances. No daily application of creams, oils or acids! Check out our before and after photos to see examples of real people who have removed unwanted moles, warts, and skin tags.

2. HaloDerm Advanced Skin Tag Remover

[two_third_first]HaloDerm Advanced Mole and Skin Tag Remover is another cream that works on a variety of skin conditions. Again, it’s all natural, although it contains different ingredients to Wart & Mole Vanish. So if Wart & Mole Vanish didn’t work for you, Skinprov’s ‘HaloDerm’ cream just might.

How Does It Work?

HaloDerm is also a chemical cauterization cream. It’s marketed by a company called Skinprov, who specializes in natural skin care solutions. It’s just as fast and effective, but it contains different ingredients.[/two_third_first]


HaloDerm Advanced Skin Tag Remover

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Specifically, it includes:

  • Sanguinaria canadensis 3X (Blood Root) (33%)
  • Zincum Muriaticum 6X (Zinc Chloride) (100%)

Zinc Chloride is a mildly corrosive acid, also known as zinc butter. It is a common ingredient in creams like these. As you may be able to tell from the description of the ingredients, this is a homeopathic skin tag remover. Homeopathy isn’t for everyone, but customer reviews for HaloDerm are typically positive.

What Do You Get In Each Kit?

HaloDerm is not a kit. All you get is the cream, although you get far more of it than you do with Wart & Mole Vanish. With each purchase, you can buy 5g of cream, which is just a little less than 0.2oz.

You might not mind that there’s no kit included. Most items that you receive with Wart & Mole Vanish and BuyNaturally’s kit you can find easily. Q-Tips, nail files, and toothpicks all work fine. The only problem is that it’s a little inconvenient having to source these extras yourself. That’s partly the reason why this is the cheapest product on our list.

HaloDerm product for removing skin tags safely

Pros vs. Cons

  • If you are a big fan of homeopathic products, HaloDerm is for you.
  • Like any homeopathic product, HaloDerm isn’t for anyone. Skinprov says as much in their product descriptions of the cream. You may find that it doesn’t work for you.
  • You receive far more cream with this product than the others on our list. You could, therefore, use this product again on any future skin tags you may develop.
  • The good news is that if it doesn’t work, Skinprov offer a money back guarantee, just like Wart & Mole Vanish. All you have to do is send them a message, and they’ll return your money, no questions asked and no returns needed.
  • HaloDerm is cheaper than Wart & Mole Vanish, and far cheaper than seeing a skin specialist.

In Summary…

If you have tried homeopathic products before, or you would like to try one than HaloDerm is a good choice. It’s safe to use, and entirely natural. It’s also cheaper than most alternatives. However, if you don’t like the idea of a homeopathic solution for your skin tags, then you could pick a physical alternative of skin tag removal such as freezing, manually cauterizing or tying off your skin tag.

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HaloDerm Advanced Skin Tag Remover & Mole Remover - All Natural Skin Tag Cream - Remove up to 10 Skin Tags (FAST Results In As Little As 3-5 Applications) - Industry Leading Safe & Effective Formula -
  • #1 SKIN TAG REMOVER & MOLE REMOVER - Unlike most other treatment methods, HaloDerm TARGETS THE ROOT of your skin tag or mole and removes it for good.
  • FAST & EFFECTIVE HOMEOPATHIC FORMULA - This cost-effective method provides incredibly fast results. We know moles and skin tags can be annoying, bothersome & even embarrassing at times. We created this formula with the goal of helping people feel & look their best! In most cases, skin tags and moles will fall off naturally within 7 - 10 days.

3. BuyNaturally Skin Tag Remover Kit

[two_third_first]BuyNaturally’s Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit is another natural homeopathic remedy. BuyNaturally’s cream, however, has more ingredients than does HaloDerm’s cream. You may, therefore, want to buy this kit if HaloDerm doesn’t work for you (and vice versa). The other great thing about BuyNaturally’s skin tag removal cream is that it comes with a kit. The kit contains everything you could need to remove a skin tag at home.

How Does It Work?

Again, this cream acts as a mild caustic topical solution. In other words, apply it directly to your skin tag, and it will kill the skin tag’s tissue. Unlike the other creams mentioned here, the active ingredient of BuyNaturally’s Skin Tag & Wart Remover is Thuja Occidentalis 6X HPUS, which is the homeopathic derivative of Cedar Leaf Oil.[/two_third_first]


BuyNaturally Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit

Buy on Amazon


The cream also contains:

  • Sanguinaria Canadensis and Zinc Chloride (which you can also find in HaloDerm’s cream)
  • Glycerin and water, to create a pasty cream

What Do You Get In Each Kit?

Similar to Wart & Mole Vanish, with BuyNaturally you receive a full skin tag removal kit.

The following items are included for free:

  • 5oz of chemical cauterization cream
  • 6 alcohol swabs to disinfect the area before and after application
  • A roughing needle to help the cream penetrate the tissue of your skin tag
  • An emery board
  • An applicator spatula
  • 6 Band-Aids
  • 6 sterile cotton swabs

The great thing about BuyNaturally is that they thought of everything you might need. You have a roughing needle to make sure that the cream is effective. You have an applicator and some cotton swabs to apply the cream. And you have swabs and Band-Aids to help with your recovery. You should have everything that you need to get rid of skin tags, right here in BuyNaturally’s kit.

Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit review

Pros vs. Cons

  • Again, this is a homeopathic product. For you, this may be a pro, or it may be a con.
  • This product contains a different active ingredient, so it may work where other products have failed you.
  • With BuyNaturally’s kit, you receive more cream than you would from Wart & Mole Vanish, but less than you would from HaloDerm.

In Summary…

BuyNaturally’s product is just as effective as the others on our list. It costs less than Wart & Mole Vanish and comes with a kit which is just as good. It also has different active ingredients to the other two products on our list. So if you’ve tried one of the other options already, and it didn’t work, then this cream may be for you. Overall, this is one of the best skin tag removal kits you’re likely to find.

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BuyNaturally Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit
  • 100% Natural Homeopathic Remedy Skin Tag Remover
  • Complete Skin Tag & Wart Removal Kit Comes with Everything You Need to Remove Skin Tags & Warts

Does Skin Tag Cream Work?

Skin tag cream does work, and the way it works is based on centuries-old medical knowledge. It is based on the idea of chemical cautery (also known as chemocautery). You may be familiar with the term ‘cauterization’ already; well, chemical cautery is a way of achieving the same results without the use of intense heat.

Chemical cautery is defined as the topical application of a ‘caustic’ substance, either an acid or an alkali. The point is that these substances are corrosive; in other words, they can destroy tissue (or metal, or whatever else you would like to apply them to).

Applied on their own, and without dilution, caustic substances will destroy far more than just your skin tags. However, the creams above are all caustic but only to a very slight degree. What therefore happens when you apply these creams is that the area they are applied to is corroded gradually. This is also why these kits typically include an applicator so that the cream touches nothing but your skin tag (or mole, or wart).

Once you have applied the topical cream, you leave it for around twenty minutes to half an hour. This depends on the strength of the solution, which we will discuss in more depth in the next section. You then wipe away the cream, disinfect the area and apply a small Band-Aid. After a week or two, the scab will then drop off on its own.

How Long Does It Take To Get Results?

Once you have applied the cream, your skin tag should turn black. This is a sign that the cream is working, and is nothing to worry about. The tissue of the skin tag has begun to die. You may also experience slight swelling or redness similar to a rash around your skin tag. Again, this is perfectly normal.

Between 1-2 days after you applied the cream, a scab will form around your skin tag. From this point on, you have to remain patient. This scab, like all scabs, is formed by your body to enable new growth underneath. If you pick or poke at your scab, and cause some or all of it to peel off prematurely, you may have a scar.

This scab will typically take between 1-2 weeks to fall off naturally. If it takes a little longer, don’t worry. Your body is healing. Once your scab does fall off, you will most likely have a small pink mark. This will be a darker shade to the rest of your skin. But again, you have to be patient, because this mark will fade as well.

This is the case if you apply the cream carefully, at least. If you follow the instructions that you are provided with, there should be no reason for you to have a scar. If you would like more information, you can head to the section below on the risks and side effects of these creams. There is also some advice that you can follow to prevent and heal scars.

Will My Skin Tags Grow Back After Removal?

For some reason, perhaps because they have never looked into the facts, many people believe that skin tags can grow back. Removing a skin tag is permanent, and does not cause other skin tags to form. So by using one of these creams, you are definitively getting rid of your skin tags.

However, whatever caused your original skin tags could cause more. There are many causes which may have caused yours, which include:

  • Friction between two folds of skin, or of skin against clothes. For some reason, skin tags are far more common in areas which experience plenty of friction. These include the neck, underneath the breasts, the armpits and similar. While it is unclear why friction causes skin tags, it is certain that it does.
  • If you suffer from either obesity or diabetes, it is likely that you will develop more skin tags than the rest of the population. This is due to hormonal changes, which also cause skin tags during
  • The natural aging process is a cause of skin tags. As we grow old, our skin begins to change, becoming thinner and tauter. This seems to cause skin tags, to the point that 50% of us will eventually develop at least one.

Whichever factor caused your original skin tags, and you may find that it causes more at a later date. Unfortunately, no kind of cream or treatment can prevent this from occurring. If you do still have some cream left over from the original treatment that you used, you can use it again.

Are there Any Risks or Side Effects?

Skin tag removal creams are remarkably safe, provided that you follow the basic instructions. Whichever cream you buy, you should have instructions or directions provided with it.

If not, follow these simple rules:

  • Disinfect the area before you apply the cream. This will ensure that there is a minimal risk of infection once the cream starts to take effect.
  • Do not apply to areas close to the eyes or other areas which are particularly sensitive. This will ensure that your health and well-being are not at risk. If the cream does come into contact with the eyes, wash them out with water immediately.
  • Apply the cream only to the skin tag, not to the area surrounding it. If you have multiple skin tags in a cluster, apply the cream to each skin tag individually. Otherwise, the entire area will be cauterized.
  • Make sure to change your bandage or Band-Aid regularly, and disinfect the area, to prevent infection.

If you fail to follow these guidelines, you may develop a scar. In particular, if you A) allow the area to become infected or B) peel your scab prematurely, you will most likely have a permanent scar. It is therefore important to follow instructions as closely as possible.

Aside from scarring, chemical cauterization carries no risks. It is one of the safest ways to remove skin tags. The only exception is that it will be difficult to apply the Band-Aid if your skin tag is too close to your eyes.

Areas Where You Should Not Apply Cream to a Skin Tag

Woman applying skin tag removal cream to a skin tag on her leg

There are many sensitive areas around the body, some of which can develop skin tags. Because these creams are caustic, they should not be applied directly to susceptible areas, or any areas near them. This prevents the risk of an accident.

The following two areas are difficult or dangerous to treat using these creams.

Close to the Eyes

Skin tags commonly form around the eyes. This is because the eyelid, especially as we age, can become wrinkled and folded. These skin folds create friction, which is a cause of skin tags.

There are two reasons why you should not consider using these creams that are right next to the eyes. The first is that the closer your skin tags to the actual eye itself, the higher the likelihood that you will get some cream in your eye. When applied to any part of the body, these products cause a stinging and burning sensation. The same sensation in your eye would be exceptionally painful. It can be done, but you need to be really careful.

Around the Anus

The area around the anus can be wrinkled and folded. Again, this can cause friction, which causes skin tags. Skin tags around the anus are therefore relatively common, although not as common as those elsewhere.

The skin around the anus is exceptionally delicate. It is therefore difficult to treat using these creams. And since the area is difficult to access, or at least more difficult to access than the eyelids (for instance), it can be tricky to apply the cream to the correct area.

Additionally, it would be difficult to dress a wound in this area. It would be even more difficult to ensure that the wound remained clean. These creams are therefore not suited to treatment in this area.

What Other Skin Conditions Do these Creams Treat?

As you may have guessed from their names, these creams don’t just work on skin tags. They work on a wide variety of other skin conditions, too. The four below are just a few.

Body Warts

Most of these creams are marketed as ‘skin tag and wart removal cream,’ and there’s a good reason why! Warts are skin growths, just like skin tags. However, warts are contagious. They are spread by HPV (human papillomavirus). Most often, warts grow on the hands but can appear anywhere from the face to the feet. These creams can kill the tissue of individual warts, although they cannot get rid of HPV.

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are warts which appeared or spread to the feet. Again, they are caused by HPV. Another name for plantar warts is ‘verruca.’ Again, these creams can get rid of warts, but not the underlying virus. Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of the HPV virus permanently. Your best choice is, therefore, to treat it with something like these creams.


These creams are also effective against moles. Moles come in all shapes and sizes, but creams like these are effective against them all. That being said, if you notice that you have recently grown many moles, this may be a bad sign. You should consult your doctor rather than use over the counter topical creams.


Syringomas are benign skin tumors, the same as skin tags. They look different, however, and affect only eccrine cells (which are specialist sweat glands). They are smaller and more similar to tiny pimples. Creams like the ones mentioned above can get rid of syringoma. That being said, you may develop more at a later date.

To wrap up, if you’re looking for the best cream for skin tags, choose one from our list. Although the price is a bit higher, we recommend Pristine Herbal Touch Wart & Mole Vanish. The cream isn’t overly thick or too runny, so it’s easier to apply with greater precision. Also, it works in just twenty minutes.

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