Will Skin Tags Bleed When Removed? Avoid Pain & Swelling, & Bleeding

Depending on where they’re located, skin tags can be very embarrassing.  This is especially true when they appear on your face, neck, or another visible area of the body.  In other areas, where they are continuously being irritated by clothing or jewelry, they can start to hurt.  Will skin tags bleed when removed?  This all depends on the method you use to get rid of them.

Millions of people have skin tags during their lifetime.  They are not dangerous, or cancerous.  Skin tags are only tiny pieces of skin that have been caused by friction of the skin, it is believed.  They can also appear anywhere that there are folds in the skin, and they can get annoying.

This is why many people want to remove skin tags with OTC products.  Some choose to go to a doctor, for fear of not doing it right or bleeding a lot.  In many instances, such as cutting them off, they will bleed.  Depending on the area of the body that it, or they, are located, the amount of bleeding will vary.

In this article, we will discuss if and why skin tags bleed when they are removed.  We will also talk about how you can stop bleeding skin tags, and heal the skin quickly.  There are many ways to remove them without worrying about blood loss, and we will tell you about some of them, as well.

Will Skin Tags Bleed When Removed?

Most of them are very small, but some are quite large.  They can also form in small clusters. Since they are a part of your skin, they have the potential bleed, but much depends on how you choose to remove them and the size of the benign tumor.

Since they are growths of your skin, they have blood in them.  When removed from your skin, it will form a tiny hole in the skin, which is why they sometimes bleed.  Most of the time, the bleeding doesn’t happen or is minimal (and it will stop quickly).  Sometimes, however, the skin tag is in a place very near a vein.  Since there is a lot more blood running through the veins, then there is a higher chance that there will be blood.

All that you have to do to stop the bleeding is put pressure on it for a little bit.  Of course, the more it bleeds, the longer you have to keep the pressure on.  Until you can get it to clot.  In most places, though, there won’t be much blood at all.

With that being said, there are instances where it will continue to bleed until the skin heals.  This may happen if you wear jewelry that rubs against that spot, or tight clothing.  These both will rub against the place where the skin tag was, and much like a scab will aggravate the spot and will allow it to start bleeding again.

Using Essential Oils for Skin Tag Removal

There are ways to get rid of skin tags without worrying about the bleeding.  One way is to use essential oils.  These do take some time to work, as they dry out the skin tag, and start healing the skin as it falls off.  You will see that skin tag becoming very dark, even black.  This is what it should do, as there is no blood in it anymore, and it will soon fall off.

A very good essential oil to use is called Australian tea tree oil.  You can read more about this essential oil by clicking on the link.  It has many healing properties and will get rid of a skin tag in 3 to 6 weeks.  It will dry out a skin tag, thus stopping skin tag bleeding.

Tying Off a Skin Tag at Home

Another way to get rid of it, or them, is to use a product called TagBand skin tag removal device.  This is simply a tight band that goes around the base of the tag, where it meets the skin.  It will stop the blood flow from getting into the tag, and in a few days the tag will dry out and fall off on its own.  There will be no bleeding, as there is no more blood going to it.  To read more about how TagBand works, click on the link to go to our in-depth review of the product.

Cut Off Skin Tags with Scissors

When your skin tag is bleeding, one way to stop it, as mentioned before is to put pressure on it until it ends.  Usually, they will only bleed a little bit.  If you cut it off with clippers or any other way, it will bleed more.  That is because you have cut yourself.  Cutting them off will get rid of it immediately, but it is not recommended, due to the risk of infection and scarring.

Will Skin Tags Bleed When Removed

Avoid Irritating or Infecting a Skin Tag

The best way to avoid a skin tag from bleeding is to make sure that it doesn’t get irritated.  This may mean wearing looser clothing until it heals, or not to scratch at the scab.  The skin will scab over, and although it will be tiny, it can still get pulled off either by clothing or scratching at it.

How to Stop Skin Tags from Bleeding

Especially when they form in the groin area, depending on how you remove the skin tag, it may bleed a lot.  In this case, you should hold pressure on it for about ten minutes or so for it to stop bleeding.  A lot of blood goes through this area, but when you treat it as a cut and wait until it clots, it will end.

If the skin tag is in a location where you think it will get aggravated and start to bleed again, you should put a band-aid on it.  You could also use an antibiotic ointment, such as Neosporin, to allow it to heal faster.  The Band-Aid will protect the skin, and there will be much less of a chance for the tag to get disturbed.

When you remove skin tags yourself, there is a risk of bleeding, so you need to choose the right method.  As mentioned above, you won’t lose any blood if you use the Tagband skin tag remover. It works for safe results in about a week.

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