How Are Skin Tags Formed & Why Do They Appear?

A lot of people notice that they have one or more skin tags, but have no idea why. They are not harmful at all as they are just small pieces of skin that have formed, mostly because of friction from rubbing against other skin. How are skin tags formed? Keep reading, as we will explain later in this post.

Although most skin tags rise above the surface of the skin, some stay almost entirely against the skin. They can be different colors. Most of them are the same color as your skin, but some can be other shades, mostly brown, and get very dark.

They also vary in size. Most of them are very small, but some can grow to the size of a grape. No one knows why this sometimes happens. Once they are formed, however, they usually do not change in size.

Some people only get one or two of these tags, while others may get a bunch of them in a small cluster. There is no rhyme or reason for this, that is just how they grew.

In this article, we will be talking about how skin tags are formed, where they are the most likely to form, and getting rid of skin tags when they do appear.

How Are Skin Tags Formed?

Most skin tags are formed in the folds of the skin. This is usually seen in older people, and people who are overweight. This is because there is more skin and overlapping skin. The more that the skin rubs against itself, the higher the likelihood that a skin tag forms.

They also develop in younger people, and thinner people, but not as much. The most common places for these groups of people to see skin tags would be on the eyelids, because of the creases and constant movement. Also in the groin area, where clothing rubs against the skin.

The neck, as well, especially when you wear necklaces. It always rubs against the skin and can lead to a skin tag forming. They also have formed in the fold of the buttocks, under the breasts, and under the armpits. All of these places have skin folds, or snug-fitting clothing or jewelry continually rubbing the skin.

Some people are afraid that they may have a form of skin cancer, but this is not the case with tags. If you are worried, see your doctor to put your mind at ease. Although they do have ways to take them off, it can get expensive, and they will often tell you to buy the best over-the-counter skin tag removal product to get rid of them.

When they just start to form, you may think that they are just a pimple. If you wait a few days, you will notice that they start to grow up from the skin, and you will see a narrow stalk, or trunk on it. That is the best way to know that it is, indeed, a skin tag.

Skin Tags Forming on Face or Neck

Some tags can develop on the face, mostly on the eyelids, even in young children. In children, it can be because they rub their eyes a lot. The eyelids have small folds of skin, and it rubs against itself when you blink your eyes.

Most of these tags are small, and are not painful, but can be embarrassing. Many people choose to take them off in this area.

The neck also experiences friction, either by necklaces or skin folds. It is common among overweight people. They don’t cause pain and depending on the size, or where on the skin they are located, may not even be that visible.

Skin Tags On Groin or Bikini Line

If you wear tighter clothing, you may develop them in the groin area. When there is constant friction because of tight fitting clothes, or again, when you have more body fat, the skin can rub against itself constantly.

Along the bikini line, it is commonly thought that skin tags are caused by shaving. This is not the case. A bikini line is also a place where snug-fitting clothing rubs against the skin. In some instances, the skin tag can be inadvertently shaved off, without your even knowing.

Also along the bikini line, these tags may be mistaken for ingrown hairs. If the bump raises more from along the skin, then it is a skin tag.

When these tags are on these body parts, they often become painful. Sometimes they fall off on their own because they get twisted, and the circulation gets cut off. This doesn’t happen too often, though, so you may want to remove it yourself.

Skin Tags Under Breast During Pregnancy

Pregnant women usually have fast-growing breasts, due to milk production, not to mention elevated hormonal levels. There will be extra skin, and bras will also rub against the skin more. These both can cause tags to form.

Usually, it is best to wait to remove these tags until the baby has been born. If you are nursing, you should wait until you are done before you treat the skin tag. Skin tags located here aren’t usually painful, although they may cause some discomfort when your bra rubs against the skin under the breast.

How to Stop Skin Tags from Forming

There is no right way to keep them from forming. Some things that may help are losing weight, or wearing looser fitting clothing. If you are worried about getting them on your neck, avoid wearing necklaces.

Because some tags form for no absolute reason, there is nothing that you can do to avoid them. But there are different ways to get rid of them, as we will talk about below.

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags

As mentioned above, some people want a doctor or dermatologist to remove them, especially when they are on or near the eye. If you are afraid that you may hurt yourself trying to get rid of them, then you should see your doctor.

There are ways to treat them yourself, though, and they are safe to use, even on or around the eyes.

After much research, we have found speedy and effective ways to remove skin tags.

What is the reason for skin tags?

Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit

This product is safe for use in all areas of the body, although we do recommend that you be very careful around the eyes.

It removes the tag in about an hour. The skin tag will completely fall off, but there will be a scab that will last a while. It is essential that you do not remove the scab, or you will have a scar in that area.

We have written a detailed review of the Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit, and you can read it by clicking on the link above.

TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device

This device is also easy to use, and it works. You may have already heard about tying a string around a skin tag to remove it. This is pretty much the same thing, but there is no pain or bleeding as there would be with a string.

This skin tag removal tool uses a band that fits snugly around the skin tag, stopping the blood flow and killing it. It is also safe to use in all areas of the body.

It is straightforward to use. It comes with bands and an applicator tool.  You put the band around the tool, and put it on the skin tag and slip the band off.  It is as easy as that. After a few days, you will notice that the skin tag is getting darker, and may even turn black. This means that it has dried up, and will fall off very soon.

You can read more about the TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device by clicking on the link.

We hope this article has answered your question How are skin tags formed? There are various places that they appear, and a couple of different reasons. The good news is that they are not dangerous, and can be removed very easily and safely at home.

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