Why Do Skin Tags Keep Coming Back?

Skin tags can be bothersome, so it’s hardly surprising that so many people decide to get them removed at home.  Most of the time, they never come back.  Sometimes, though, a new skin tag may develop in the same spot again.  You understandably want to find out why this happens.

Since they are just extra little pieces of skin, getting rid of skin tags at home is simple.  But some people say that after removing them, they return at a later date.  But is it the same skin tag that is growing back in that spot?

Skin tags appear in the same area.  You could take one off, and another one can form right beside where the first one used to appear.  Although it looks like it is in the same exact location, it probably is not.  The chance of it growing back in the same spot is slim.

In this article, we will talk more about why they seem to be growing back in the same position.  We will discuss ways to help to avoid getting more skin tags.  We will also talk about how to tell the difference between a skin tag and another condition.

Why Skin Tags Keep Coming Back

As already mentioned, they very rarely come back in the same place.  There are instances, though, where another will form in very close proximity. When you have folds of skin that rub against each other, it is a source of irritation. So, new skin tags regularly form in the same sort of area. It’s a different skin tag, but it creates the illusion that it’s the same one returning. New skin tags can grow, but old ones don’t grow back.

They are known, however, to grow very close to others, and they are usually tiny.  This could result, and it does many times, in your thinking that it keeps growing in the same position.

Is It a Skin Tag?

Sometimes skin tags are confused with other skin growths.  Although they are usually flesh-colored and raise from the skin, sometimes they can be a darker color than your skin, and sometimes the base can lay flat against the skin.

You will usually find skin tags in places where there are skin folds, or when you wear tight-fitting clothing, or they could appear on your neck if you wear jewelry often.

In a few people, skin tags grow in small clusters, not just one.  Most people will get at least one in their lifetime.  Even babies and small children can get them.  When small children rub their eyes a lot, it could result in a skin tag on the eyelid.

Other skin growths, however, such as moles or warts, are usually dark in color and never raise from the surface of the skin.  Although there are ways to get rid of those, as well, you really should seek the advice of your doctor or a dermatologist to make sure that what you are dealing with is a skin tag.

It is nothing to be overly concerned about, but you don’t want to keep trying to remove something from your skin unless you know what it is.  If by chance, it is another type of skin growth, you may be doing more damage than good by trying to remove it.

How to Avoid Getting Skin Tags

If you are overweight or are an older person, you may experience more than one.  When you have extra skin, there is constant friction.  This is what causes them to form.  One way to avoid them is to lose weight, if you can, and to do something to tighten up your skin.  A dermatologist, or even your doctor, can give you advice on how to do that.

Sometimes quick weight gain can result in skin tags forming.  Again, this is because the skin is overlapping and causing friction.  If you are pregnant, for example, you will gain weight fairly quickly and experience hormonal fluctuations.  This results in skin tags forming under the breast in many women.

skin tags keep coming back

If you or your child plays sports, you could get them under your arms or in the groin area, as these places are continuously moving and causing friction of the skin.

To avoid getting them on your neck, you could avoid wearing necklaces or anything around your neck that rubs against the skin.

Another piece of advice is to wear looser clothing.  Snug-fitting clothing causes friction and could cause skin tags to form in those areas.

If you find that you are getting numerous skin tags, you could put powder of some kind where they appear.  This will keep the area dry and will lessen the amount of friction on the skin.

What to Do if a Skin Tags Keep Growing Back

To make sure that you completely get rid of a skin tag, there is a product called Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit.  This is a kit that will remove a skin tag from the base.  You can read more about the product and how it works by clicking on the link.

When you have a skin tag that you’re pretty sure is growing back, the chances are good that it isn’t but very, very close to it.  If you are confident that the growth is in the same spot, and keeps coming back, then a visit to your doctor would be a sensible decision.

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