How to Dry Out Skin Tags Fast at Home

While skin tags don’t bother some people, they can drive others crazy. If you can see them easily or it’s a sensitive area, it’ll likely worry you more. When they are on a noticeable part of your body, such as your eyelids or neck, they can be embarrassing. The good news is that there are ways to get rid of skin tags without going to a doctor. Learning how to dry out skin tags can save you time and money.

These loose flaps of skin are very common, especially among older people and individuals that are overweight. It is believed that this is because these groups have extra folds in their skin which always rub against each other. Skin tags are formed when there is friction.

Sometimes, they just happen to appear for no apparent reason. Some will understandably be concerned that they may have a cancerous growth, but this isn’t the case. They are just loose flaps of skin. Even though they aren’t a health concern, many people find them ugly.

Although there are some good ways to remove skin tags at home, we will only be discussing how to dry out skin tags. It is not hard to do, and when you do, they will fall off in days.

How to Dry Out Skin Tags Fast

The key to drying out skin tags is to cut off the blood supply from the stalk. This is where the skin tag adjoins with the skin. To do this, you must use a treatment that is capable of preventing the flow of blood to the skin tag. This is the only way that you will be able to dry it out.

If you were to tie off a skin tag at the stalk, where it meets the skin, you would be able to stop the blood flow. This will allow it to dry out, so it will eventually fall off on its own.

Of course, some places are easier to treat than others. For example, if you have skin tags on the eyelid, you’ll have to be more careful when treating it than if it is on your leg, back or arm. Be particularly cautious if you have a growth that’s in a tender part of your face or body.

Also, some skin tags are small, and some can be large. This will also affect the length of time that treatment takes to work. If the area is irritated, inflamed or bleeding, we firmly recommend waiting for the area to heal before removing skin tags.

Treatments for Drying Out Skin Tags

Tea Tree Oil

You may already know that essential oils have medicinal qualities that can dry out a skin tag. Some work a lot better than others. One of the best choices is tea tree oil, but it does have a strong smell (a camphoraceous odor) that doesn’t appeal to some people.

Put some tea tree oil on a Q-tip or small cotton swab, and apply it directly to the growth three times a day. If your skin is sensitive, you can add a few drops of water, but it’s best to see how your body responds before diluting the strength of the solution.

One of the best over-the-counter products is Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil. This is because it’s the purest form available. Most people start to see results after 3 to 6 weeks of uninterrupted treatment. You’ll notice that the color of the skin tags changes and it’ll eventually fall off on its own.

Frankincense Oil

Not quite as potent as tea tree oil, Frankincense oil is also used to dry out these extra pieces of skin. You should use it the same way as you would other essential oils, as outlined above.

It stops the blood supply as the area becomes increasingly dry. Because it is not as potent, it will take a little more time to work.

Results are mixed regarding its effectiveness. We’ve also found that more people develop an adverse reaction to Frankincense oil, but we all respond differently, so you have to perform your due diligence.

Lemon Juice

The natural acid in Lemon juice is believed to help to dry out a skin tag. Just like with tea tree oil, you should apply it to the skin tag itself, using a small cotton swab.

Sometimes the skin is sensitive to the acid in lemons. You can apply a small amount of petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, to the skin surrounding the skin tag.  Don’t get any on the growth or stalk.

Some people claim to have enjoyed excellent results, but this hasn’t been our experience. The advantage is that it’s affordable for all.

How to Dry Out Skin Tags Fast at Home

TagBand Device

Perhaps you don’t want to wait for a natural method to work? It can take a long time and requires you to apply essential oils several times a day for weeks. The good news is that there is a proven alternative.

Tying off skin tags is popular. It works by constraining the flow of blood by tying a knot around the stalk. Given that the skin growth is a living and breathing thing it is unable to survive without a constant supply of oxygenated blood, so it dies and falls off.

The problem with these do-it-yourself methods is the risk of infection. You may also find it hard to get a tight knot in place. There’s now an over-the-counter product that makes the process a breeze.

The TagBand is a kit that includes everything that you need for removing skin tags from the face and body. Just place one of the narrow bands over the hollow cone. You can then position it over the skin tag before releasing it.

You’ll notice that a seal is formed, inhibiting the flow of blood to the skin tag. You’ll soon see that it starts to change color and become shriveled up. This means that the skin tag is drying out and will soon no longer be a part of your life.

Many treatments are used to dry out skin tags. They needn’t be painful or costly, either. Give the Micro TagBand a try, and you could be free of skin tags within ten days.

If you prefer a natural remedy, the only one that we recommend is Apothecary tea tree oil. It takes longer to get results and doesn’t work for everyone, but tests that we’ve performed are encouraging.

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