How to Safely Burn Off Skin Tags

It’s common for people to get skin tags. Although people of all ages and sizes get them, they are more common among older and overweight people. This is due to the number of skin folds, and skin tags are believed to form because of skin-on-skin friction. The good news is that you can burn off skin tags safely. You can either cauterize skin tags with a device or use a remover cream.

We all have our preferences, but using cream is less likely to cause pain than a cautery device. The best over-the-counter product for burning off a skin tag is Pristine Wart Mole Vanish. One 20-minute application and it will be gone.

Skin tags are called acrochordons. They are only benign pieces of extra skin, but you may decide to remove them due to their position and appearance. They are most common on the eyelids, around the neck, and under the armpits. They can appear anywhere on the body, though.

There are different ways to get rid of skin tags. Everything from removing skin tags with floss to cutting them off with scissors, which is not recommended, to going to a doctor or dermatologist to get them removed. The problem is that the support of a dermatologist can get expensive because it’s not covered by your healthcare policy. This means that any medical costs will need to be paid by you.

In this article, we will look more closely at burning off skin tags and cautery process. There are a couple of ways to do this. We will also talk about some of the extra precautions that you should take to avoid scarring and protect your skin.

How to Burn Off Skin Tags Safely

If you were to go to a dermatologist, one of the options is to get it cauterized.  This is a proven way of removing skin, but it can cost up to $100 for each skin tag that they remove, plus the price of a consultation (if applicable).

The area will be numbed with an anesthetic before being burnt off with a cautery tool. A scab will form. You’ll be advised to apply an antiseptic cream to keep the area free of infection. Here are some skin tag removal aftercare tips that will help you recover faster.

There are also some products that you can use at home, without having to visit the doctor.

Let’s take a closer look:

Using a Chemical Peel

A chemical peel, such as Trichloroacetic acid solution, is used to remove a skin tag layer by layer gradually.

It’s a cost-effective solution that gets results relatively quickly. You have to use a strong solution – either 50 or 80%. The suggested strength is 80% because it will work faster.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Make sure that your skin is clean and dry so that no dirt or oils are on your skin.
  2. Apply some petroleum jelly to the surrounding skin.
  3. Saturate a Q-tip in the solution, and apply it to the skin tag and stalk in non-overlapping strokes.
  4. Wait about 10 minutes and rinse off with cold water.
  5. Repeat the process on a daily basis.

It is a runny solution. If you get any on your healthy skin, wash it away immediately. When you change clothes, make sure that they don’t disturb the scab. Also, consider covering the area with a band-aid so that you don’t remove accidentally remove the scab during your sleep.

  • Important: Don’t use it on sensitive areas of the body, such as the face, genital area or anus.

Pristine Herbal Touch Wart Mole Vanish

Use Wart Mole Vanish to get rid of a skin tag in just one application.  Click on the link to read our in-depth review. Alternatively, you can check the latest customer feedback on Find out more about this award-winning product.

burning off skin tagsUse the tools that are provided to ‘rough up’ the skin tag. You’ll then apply the cream and leave it on the skin tag for about 20 minutes. Most people will feel a slight stinging sensation at first, but it only lasts for about a minute. This means that it’s working.

If you have large skin tags, you may need to repeat the process.

A scab will form almost immediately.  It’s vital that you don’t disturb the scab. Pristine recommend applying aloe vera to assist with the healing process. It’s essential that you avoid disturbing the scab. It’ll typically fall off on its own in about 2 to 3 weeks.

We believe that Pristine Wart Mole Vanish provides the simplest and most effective way of burning off skin tags.

What Are the Risks of Burning Off Skin Tags?

As with any treatment, there will always be side effects. Here are some factors that you must consider:

  • You are using burning agents, so make sure that you don’t touch or apply them with your fingers. Always use a small cotton swab, or Q-tip, to apply the treatment safely.
  • Wash your hands before and after treatment. This is to make sure that you don’t accidentally put any chemical residue on anything but the skin tag itself. It’s also a reasonable precaution in case you touch your eyes.
  • Put Vaseline or another type of petroleum jelly on the skin surrounding the skin tag.  Make sure that you don’t get too close to the skin tag itself or it could prevent the solution from working.
  • When you use a cream, acid or cautery device, your skin will react. Most people find that the skin turns pink or reddens. It’s not a source of concern as this is how your body heals itself.
  • When you burn off a skin tag, it will scab over. If you disturb a scab, it’s likely to result in a scar.

If you’re treating skin tags on the face, you have to be careful. Alternatively, use a natural treatment, such as Apothecary tea tree oil. Click on this link to read our comprehensive review. It won’t work as quickly as cauterization, but the risk of scarring is virtually zero.

Skin tags can be bothersome, but they can be removed without the expense of seeing a doctor. The best and most cost-effective way of burning off skin tags is with Pristine Wart Mole Vanish.

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