Does Pulling Off Skin Tags Work?

Skin tags can grow just about anywhere on the body, but they tend to develop when something is constantly rubbing against them. Some people prefer to get the procedure performed by a doctor, while others think that skin tags can be pulled off with a quick tug. Usually, you don’t have to see a dermatologist or twist and tug at your skin because there are over the counter skin tag removal methods that work.

There are certain groups of people who are more prone to getting skin tags than others. People who have diabetes, older people, and pregnant women are more susceptible. This is likely because they have more overlapping skin, and the constant friction can cause them to form more easily.

Some people find skin tags irritating or embarrassing, so they want them removed fast. The first thing they do may be to try to pull off skin tags. This isn’t the best idea since they are just an extra piece of skin and a living part of the human body. It’s likely to cause irritation, pain, and redness.

If you try pulling off a skin tag, it will cause pain, and they won’t come off anyway. It would be like grabbing a piece of skin and trying to pull it off. The thin stalk creates the illusion that removal is possible with this method. The skin is very strong, so you’re highly unlikely to be successful.

There are other ways to get rid of skin tags, besides causing yourself injury and pain, such as the TagBand Device. In this article, we will be discussing what can happen when you try to pull skin tags off. We will also talk about other ways to get rid of skin tag without harming yourself.

Why Pulling Off Skin Tags Is Not Recommended

Some people try to pull skin tags off, but it usually leads to soreness and infection.

You can’t get rid of them this way (unless they’re already dead, in which case they’d probably fall off on their own in time), so you keep on trying. It becomes a really bad habit in the end, like biting your nails.

In fact, you’re likely to find that this repeated action leads to skin tag swelling. It won’t be long before they become more visible.

What Happens If You Do Pull a Skin Tag Off?

Besides the pain, if you were to rip off a skin tag, it’s going to bleed. Depending on where it is located, the amount of bleeding will likely vary. Some people experience so much bleeding that they have to put pressure on it for at least 5 minutes for it to clot.

If you don’t look after a removed skin tag properly, it could become infected. It is a cut in the skin, and there is always a chance of infection when you cut yourself. A good thing to use to remove skin tags is Apothecary Australian Tea Tree Oil. This is an essential oil, which has many skin-healing properties and won’t result in any scarring.

What If the Skin Tag Won’t Stop Bleeding?

If you do try to pull it off, or if you cut it off, you may find that you can’t stop the bleeding. If this is the case, you have to put pressure on it for at least five minutes, preferably 10 minutes.

You may be tempted to stop the pressure and check if the bleeding has stopped. Don’t do this, as the blood may have started to clot, but hasn’t done so yet.  If not, the process will have to be started from scratch.

After the wound has clotted, be sure to put an antibiotic cream on it and cover it with a Band-Aid. This will ensure that it stays clotted and won’t get rubbed, scratched or further infected.

Below we will talk about things that you can do to easily get rid of a skin tag without pain and bleeding.

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags Yourself at Home

If you have been looking around the web trying to find out how to get rid of your skin tags, you have probably come across many strange ideas. Everything from nail polish to banana skin is ‘believed’ to work.

Why put yourself through months of failure? Here are some ways that you can use to get rid of a skin tag the first time.

Is Pulling Off Skin Tags effective

TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device

This is one of the best ways to remove a skin tag. All that you have to do is put a tight band around the base of the skin tag (it doesn’t hurt). Wait for 5 to 10 days, and both the skin tag and the band will fall off without you having to pull at them in any way.

This device is used by many people, both for medium to large skin tags, as well as for small ones. You can read more about it by reading our review of the TagBand Device. Please be aware that it doesn’t work as well for tiny skin tags that are really hard to see.

The process just has to be performed once and won’t have to be repeated.

BuyNaturally Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit

It takes only one application to get rid of the tag. This kit comes with everything that you need to get the job done. You can learn how it works by reading our review of the BuyNaturally Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit, and see how well it works.

There are, of course, other ways to get rid of skin tags, but these are two of the best methods available. They are relatively painless, and they won’t cause bleeding. Unless, of course, they are scratched or pulled off by accident. That’s why you’re asked to cover them up with a Band-Aid.

You don’t have to go through the unnecessary pain of pulling off skin tags. You can easily get rid of them in other ways, and you can do so quickly. You just have to find an over-the-counter skin tag removal treatment that works for you.

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