What Are the 5 Best Skin Tag Removal Products? [Canada Only]

So, you want to remove skin tags at home, but you aren’t sure what product is right for you. That’s likely to be how you ended up reading this in-depth guide! The good news is that getting rid of skin tags in Canada is surprisingly easy, and there are all sorts of methods that work incredibly well.

  • NOTE: It’s important to note that this guide is intended for Canadians only. If you’re from elsewhere in the world, please visit our main Skin Tags Gone homepage. You’ll find a wealth of information on removing skin tags on the eyelids, underarms, neck, face, groin, and more. We also have a specific skin tag guide for UK visitors.

This list of the five best OTC skin tag removal products is intended to help you find the top product. Each method has its unique benefits, but some require a greater pain tolerance or take longer to get results. It depends on what you are looking to get out of your treatment.

This list of the five best skin tag products is intended to help you find the ‘right’ product for your unique requirements. That’s because each method has its advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on how quickly and safely you want a skin tag removal product to deliver results.

What Are the Top 5 Skin Tag Removers in Canada?

Without any further ado, then, here are five of our favorite over-the-counter products:

  1. TagBand Skin Tag Removal Kit

TagBand the brand, and bands generally, are exactly what they sound like. What you buy is a small applicator, which will wrap an even smaller flexible band around your skin tag. They’re a great, cost-effective method of removing skin tags.

What Does It Do?

Tagbands work on a basic principle: the blood flow into the skin tag is cut off. Over time, this means that the tissue will die and the skin tag will eventually fall off. TagBand- the registered trademark and brand that sell tag bands- claim you can see results within just days.

The band is small enough that it’s impossible for you to apply by hand at home. Instead, TagBand sells applicators and bands together as part of their skin tag removal kit. The applicator pushes the band over the skin tag, where it stays until the skin tag and band fall off together.

The band tightens around the base of the skin tag, which constricts blood flow completely. Over the course of around a week, the skin tag will first turn black, and then drop off. TagBand is suitable for skin tags anywhere on the body and produces no unpleasant side effects.

If you’re struggling to imagine how this works, have you ever wrapped a rubber band around your finger? When you leave it there for anything more than a minute, your finger starts turning purple. If you left it there for days and days, your finger would genuinely start to die.

Of course, we don’t recommend doing that, but that’s how the TagBand device works.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Reviews for TagBand are positive and indicate that it genuinely does what it says it does. Some customers even posted images that show the skin tags before and after, and only hard-to-see marks remain. Most of the reviews for TagBand are glowing, although not everyone.

The few low ratings mostly say the same things. That is that the applicator struggles to get the band over smaller, stumpier skin tags. For some, the bands won’t stay on as they’re too large, and for others, they’re too small. Why? It’s because they’ve bought the wrong size of applicator!

If you get the wrong size, the band won’t constrict the flow of blood to the skin tag.

What’s Our Verdict?

With TagBands, you get what you pay for. For the majority of people, they work, and their customers are happy with the results. And once the skin tags shrivel up and drop off, they won’t come back, which is a bonus.

Of course, though, they aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ product, and we mean that literally! If the band is too big for your skin tag, or too small, then you’re out of luck. And as you know- especially if you have more than one- skin tags are anything but uniform.

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  1. Apothecary tea tree oil

Next up in our list is tea tree oil, the oil with a thousand uses. Among these uses, it can apparently help skin tags to vanish- but how much could an essential oil really do? Let’s find out.

What Does It Do?

In particular, we’re looking at Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil, a pharmaceutical grade oil from Australia. It’s available online at various stores and has a ton of positive reviews, but a small share of bad ones too. So, what can it supposedly do?

Well, the product itself isn’t marketed specifically as a skin tag removal kit, but as a general cure-all for acne and ringworm too. If you check their website, you won’t find an answer as to what it does. But the reviews, at least, give an indication of what it’s supposed to do to skin tags.

It’s recommended that you apply the tea tree oil to your skin tags several times per day. According to reviews, over many weeks, this reduces the size of skin tags. Some customers even write to say that it only took as little as one week to start seeing results.

As for the exact mechanism behind why tea tree oil works- that’s not explained by the company, but there is a reason. Tea tree oil gradually dries out the skin generally, and in the skin tags specifically. This causes them to shrink, and blood flow to gradually decrease.

Over time, the skin tag will fall off, just like with a TagBand. It’s quite extraordinary that an essential oil could have that effect, but it does. Happy customers have uploaded before and after photos to prove it.

What Do the Reviews Say?

The reviews for tea tree oil are good, just like Tagband, but there are a few imperfections. The reviews say that they had good results, although the smell might be a bit strong. As the bottles are reasonably large, there’s enough tea tree oil to last a while, too.

The negative reviews are exactly what you expect: for some people, it just doesn’t work. This could be due to a number of reasons: maybe they just needed more time or didn’t apply it regularly enough to get results. It’s impossible to say, but no product works for everyone.

What’s Our Verdict?

We think that tea tree oil is a great product, as it’s a natural antiseptic as well. Tea tree oil is one of those things that is just good for you. And the reviews point to it working for getting rid of skin tags.

We also like that it has the same effect as the TagBand, but without the ‘judgment-related’ problems with the bands and applicator. Of course, it might not work for you, but that goes for any product. We think that tea tree oil is, therefore, something to try- because you never know.

You should also bear in mind that Australia’s export laws mean that it’s pure. All the little bottles that say ‘tea tree oil’ on them aren’t created equally. This one is as pure and unadulterated as you get, completely undiluted.

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  1. Compound W Skin Tag Remover

Compound W is a wart remover- that’s what the ‘W’ stands for- but it works just as well on skin tags. Warts can be frozen or burned off, and skin tags can be too; Compound W freezes the skin. But don’t worry, it has a precision applicator you can use to target your skin tag.

What Does It Do?

Back in the olden days, you only had two choices for getting rid of a skin tag or a wart. Those were either to freeze it off, or to burn it off, and that’s easier said than done.

There never was an effective way to cool a wart or skin tag done to the point where it gets frostbitten. Well, there was, but not without getting frostbitten everywhere else too. Compound W Freeze Off is a way of cooling down the skin tag enough that the tissue dies instantly.

Again, this is the same method as TagBands and tee tree oil: cutting off the skin tag’s circulation. As the skin freezes, the cell walls break down, and the deoxygenated tissue starts to die off. Compound W uses dimethyl ether and propane to achieve a cooling affect, much like liquid nitrogen.

The tissue will turn dark and will drop off after around two weeks. But if you’re prepared to wait, this can remove them, once and for all.

What Do the Reviews Say?

For some, Compound W works after just one application; that’s what it says on the box as well. But for others, it doesn’t work at all, whether because of product failure or inadequate instruction. The ratio of success to failure is no different to either tea tree oil or TagBands, however.

Many reviews point out that this method is not painless, as you can feel it working away. It comes with a precision applicator, so that surrounding skin is not affected, but hurts even so. Most customers advise others to grin and bear the pain.

Reviews that say that it didn’t work don’t leave much detail, other than to say it didn’t work. But, again, the failure rate seems around the same as the other methods.

What’s Our Verdict?

We like Compound W because there is little reason why it shouldn’t work, provided you follow the instructions. The way it works is a simple mechanism of biology; there’s no reason for it to fail. So long as you use the applicator for a minute, it should at least begin to work.

The problem with Compound W is that it’s more painful than other methods for skin tag removal. On the plus side, though, it can get rid of skin tags in just one application- if you’re lucky. We think it’s more than earned its place in our list here.

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What's the best skin tag remover in Canada?

  1. BuyNaturally’s Skin Tag Kit

BuyNaturally skin tag remover kit is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a little treasure trove of tools. Each of them is supposed to help remove your skin tags, and are a total solution if used together. Not only that, but they are a completely natural and homeopathic solution- let’s take a look.

What Does It Do?

BuyNaturally’s skin tag remover kit removes skin tags without surgery, and in only one or two applications. The active part of the kit is their skin tag removal paste, which you’re supposed to apply generously. The kit also contains a whole range of goodies that help speed up the process of removal and recovery.

First, of course, the kit contains wart and skin tag removal paste made with all-natural ingredients. It also comes with a small plastic applicator, a needle, an emery board, alcohol swabs, adhesive bandages, cotton swabs, and healing cream for use afterwards.

As for how it works, it’s the same as everything else here: cutting off circulation to the skin tag. The salve contains no acid, and it doesn’t cryogenically freeze the skin tag. Instead, just like the tea tree oil, the paste dries out the skin tag (or wart) and makes it drop off.

The skin tags may drop off after as little as just two days, so be prepared. Once the skin tags are removed, you’re left with any number of small scabs, which is what the bandages are for. Just like any scabs, you’ll probably want to scratch them, but don’t: they can leave scars.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Reviews on BuyNaturally’s skin tag kit are more mixed than positive, which is unfortunate. This means that reviews are not as favorable as those for other products in this list. But even so, the positive reviews far outweigh the negative, which is good.

Online reviews point out that the cream can cause skin tags to drop off in just two days, and that it is just as effective in tackling a number of skin tags as opposed to just one or two. There’s no doubt that BuyNaturally’s kit does work, but it doesn’t work all the time.

The negative reviews are from people who say that it didn’t work at all. And on top of that, BuyNaturally’s cream is way over twice the price of the other products that we’ve looked at in this in-depth guide.

What’s Our Verdict?

There’s no doubt that BuyNaturally’s cream can work. We also like that it comes in a complete kit, with a focus on healing as well as removal. Those are big plus points that other products haven’t reproduced on this list.

There’s also the fact that it’s completely natural, and the ingredients are homeopathic. Depending on your opinion, that could be a big plus point or a big drawback. At the very least, it’s something different to the other products here.

Considering the proportion of negative reviews, it just doesn’t work as often as other products. Add that to the fact that it’s way over twice the price, and we don’t think that it’s worth it. But feel free to give it a try, especially if you’ve already tried a number of other solutions. It might just work for you.

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  1. Dr. Scholl’s® Skin Tag Remover

Last but not least, we have Dr. Scholl’s skin tag remover– the first real big brand on our list! But that doesn’t mean that it’s gonna be the best, does it? Well, let’s find out.

What Does It Do?

Dr. Scholl’s skin tag remover works like Compound W: it’s a cryogenic applicator designed to freeze off skin tags. Like Compound W, it comes with a small dabber- or eight of them if you’d like- to localize where it’s applied. The point is to cut off circulation to the skin tag or wart, as the case may be.

The active ingredients come in a pressurized can, which aids in the cooling mechanism they provide. Bayer, the manufacturer of Dr. Scholl’s, call the operative ingredients ‘Derma-Freeze’ liquid. It sounds fancy, but it’s the same as the stuff in Compound W and has the same effect.

Dr. Scholl’s do make a variety of top products, most of which do what they say on the tin. Dr. Scholl’s skin tag remover is supposed to be able to remove tags in one application. Like other products here, it should fall off pretty quickly.

What Do the Reviews Say?

The reviews for Dr. Scholl’s skin tag remover are not so good. They’re the worst out of all of the products on this list, in fact, if you check out the reviews online. It’s surprising- Dr. Scholl’s are supposed to be one of the foremost home care brands, but people don’t agree.

Most reviews complain that it doesn’t work as advertised, and still gives you a burning sensation. The cost is another factor that crops up- it’s more expensive than everything but BuyNaturally’s kit. Other reviews complain about shipping, but that’s more the seller’s fault than Dr. Scholl’s.

Because Dr. Scholl’s are one of the biggest home care brands out there, it’s surprising that they would have such bad reviews at the time of writing. It’s not a case of there only being a few reviews, either, as there are plenty of customers rating it 1 star. But even so, it’s unusual that there are only a handful of reviews saying that it worked.

What’s Our Verdict?

Well, Dr. Scholl’s skin tag remover is probably the least of the products featured here. There’s no doubt that the mechanism it uses to remove skin tags works. But there’s something about the product itself, maybe the applicator, which makes it difficult to use.

We don’t think that it’s as bad as all the reviews make out. We would most definitely recommend the other products on this list before this one, though. In particular, Compound W does the same as Dr. Scholl’s, but with better reviews.

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Which Canadian OTC Product Should I Buy?

Well, we’ve deliberately included a variety of products on this list that should satisfy everyone living in Canada. For the people who like top brands, we’ve included Dr. Scholl’s. For the nature-ologists out there we’ve included homeopathic and natural remedies.

All told, though, some of the products come out on top over the others. Dr. Scholl’s and BuyNaturally’s products both have a heavy proportion of negative reviews. Tea tree oil and Compound W both seem to work wonders for most people.

In terms of efficacy, as judged by observation of each product in action, TagBands are the best choice. But really, it depends on what you want: natural non-invasive methods, or fast-acting OTC products!

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