Will Duct Tape Remove a Skin Tag? How Long Does Removal Take?

There are different sizes of skin tags and just as many treatments that ‘claim’ to work. You’ve probably tried some without success. Although not a solution that’s recommended by doctors, or us, people are turning to duct tape to remove a skin tag at home.

Removing skin tags with duct tape has worked relatively well for some people. This likely to be because the adhesive tape has prevented the skin tag from getting any oxygen. Without a regular flow of oxygenated blood, a skin tag is unable to survive. A lot of treatments use a similar technique but deliver more reliable results.

Skin tags can grow at any time, regardless of your age, but the incidence rises as you get older. They are not dangerous, nor are they a health problem.  They are just extra pieces of skin (benign growths) that have appeared, but you may still want to get rid of skin tags.

The medical term is an acrochordon.  Some people get only one, and others get clusters of skin tags.  If you were to seek medical assistance from a doctor, it would inevitably get quite expensive.  That’s likely to be why people look for free ways to remove skin tags at home.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the removal of skin tags with duct tape.  We will tell you why it works for some people and how long the skin tag removal process takes.

10 Places Where Skin Tags Often Appear

The chances are that you’ll have a skin tag on one of the 10 areas listed below. Click on the link for info and a treatment plan:

Will Duct Tape Remove a Skin Tag Fast?

Some people have enjoyed success using this method, and they recommend it.  There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages of using it, though.  It has been used as far back as World War 2, to keep wounds closed, and allowing them to heal.

Some people use it to remove other benign skin growths, as well.  It works by cutting off the circulation of both blood and oxygen to the skin tag, essentially suffocating it.  It’s this that causes it to turn black and fall off.  It does take some time to work, and it can be difficult to know when it has worked.

If your skin is sensitive or you have an infection, this method is not recommended to you.  Although people that have had success with it and say that it doesn’t hurt, your skin may have an allergic reaction to the adhesive. Taking the tape off while the adhesive is still sticky would likely hurt.

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags with Duct Tape

All that you need to get rid of the skin tag is a roll of duct tape and a pair of scissors to cut off a small piece.

Step-by-Step Removal Guide

  • Make sure that the skin is clean and dry before you start.
  • Cut a piece of tape big enough to cover the skin tag completely.  You should try to make the piece small enough just to cover it thoroughly because the adhesive cuts off circulation to the healthy skin.
  • Make sure that the entire skin tag is covered, and press firmly on the tape.  Ensure that it is flat and that no air can get in.

Wait until the tape starts to come off on its own.  You should never pull the tape off, as it will only make the acrochordon irritated and painful.  It won’t pull it off as you might think.

Remove the tape slowly so that you can see if it has worked.  If the skin tag comes off, peel off the tape completely.  If it doesn’t, put the tape back on for a few days longer.  If the adhesive dries out and the tape comes off without having removed the skin tag, just replace it.

If/when it comes off, you should put a bandage on the spot for a day or so.  This is just to protect the area from dirt or other irritants.  The spot may be sore for a while and may turn red, but that will go away soon.

How Long Removing a Skin Tag with Duct Tap Takes

There’s no perfect answer, sadly. The time it takes for this removal method varies from person to person.  In some people, it has got results in a few weeks, while others have had no success at all.  Because everyone’s skin is different, treatments get different outcomes.

Problems That May Arise

Will Duct Tape Remove a Skin Tag?Your skin may experience an adverse reaction.  Because of the strong chemicals, it may become irritated, or a rash may develop.  This doesn’t always happen, but there’s a risk.

Depending on where the skin tag is located, the tape may stretch and move a lot.  This would be most often in the groin area or other places where the skin stretches often.  This may cause pinching and aggravation of the skin tag as well as the surrounding skin.

Remember also that tape hinders the skin’s ability to breathe.  Think twice about using this duct tape for skin tag removal on the face or sensitive areas of the body, such as around the eyes.

Alternative Treatment Options

There are many other removal methods, such as tying off a skin tag.  You can use dental floss to do this, but doing so can be painful because you have to make sure that the knot is extremely tight at all times, or it won’t work properly.

A product called the TagBand can quickly remove the acrochordon. It works by cutting off the circulation to the skin tag.  It comes complete with a tool that allows you to put the band around the stalk.  All you have to do is wait for 7 to 10 days for the skin tag to die and fall off on its own. We encourage you to reach customer reviews about the TagBand skin tag removal device because this method works and it’s safe.

When it comes down to it, there are many different choices for removing skin tags.  Some people prefer natural remedies, like essential oils, but they do take more time to work.  Other people just want the skin tag gone fast, so use Wart Mole Vanish. This can get results in as little as 20 minutes.

Will duct tape remove a skin tag?  It has worked for some people, but it’s unlikely to get results.  But, if you use it, remember to clean the area when you put a new piece of tape on and allow the tape to fall off on its own. Other methods are preferred.

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