How to Remove Small Flesh-Colored or Brown Skin Tags at Home Fast

Brown skin tags are more common than you may think.  Although they don’t look nice, especially when they’re on your face, under the eyesarmpit, or neck, they are not dangerous or a medical concern.  They are benign pieces of skin.

Sometimes people get brown skin tags, and that is not uncommon, even if they have white or very light-colored skin. You’re probably here because you want a treatment that works. If you want to get rid of a skin tag in just seven days, we recommend that you use the TagBand skin tag removal device. Just leave the band in place, and they’ll come off on their own, along with the skin tag.

Skin tags are more common among older people and people who are overweight.  This is because these groups tend to have extra skin, and many folds of skin.  This is why most skin tags are believed to appear, but it’s not medically proven to be the case.

In this article, we will talk a little more about how to remove brown skin tags at home quickly and safely with proven methods.  We’ll also discuss why they appear, and the different reasons that they can be brown, or can turn brown.

What Causes Brown Skin Tags?

Acrochordons commonly grow when there is friction on your skin.  They appear in the folds of the skin, or if you have clothing or jewelry always rubbing it.

This extra flap of skin can grow in any color.  There is no real reason for the coloring, but if you are afraid that it may be something other than a skin tag, you should check with your doctor, just to put yourself at ease. Being anything serious is unlikely.

Skin Rubs Against Other Skin

Sometimes a skin tag can turn brown because it is being aggravated by friction.  This can cause it to start to fill with blood, and it will turn brown or even black.  It could also become brown when you are treating it, and it is dying and ready to fall off.

Dyes in Products Cause Color Changes

They can also turn different shades of color because of products that you use.  Things like make-up, deodorant, sunscreen, and even just the bath products you use can affect them in a way that can change the color.

Even though they are skin, they grow differently and have their source of blood and oxygen supply.  This is why products may affect them and not the rest of your skin.

Brown Skin Tags During Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes many hormonal changes, and it also causes weight gain, especially in the abdomen and breasts.  Many women develop skin tags under the breast when pregnant.  They can range in size, from very small to large.

Don’t worry when you develop brown skin tags.  There are easy ways to remove them, but it is always best to do so after the baby is born, and after you are done breastfeeding. This is because they sometimes go away on their own.

Small Bits of Skin Under the Armpit

When skin tags appear in the armpit, they can get disturbed by putting deodorant on.  There are also chemicals in antiperspirant and deodorant, and they can cause the skin tag to change color.

If it is small, it may come off when you’re shaving.  They occasionally bleed if they get cut off.

When you have a bigger skin tag, though, they may bleed a lot.  Usually, when they are in the armpit area, they will be small.  Take precaution not to let it get infected, such as putting an antibiotic cream on it for a while.

Brown Skin Tags on Face or Neck

Quite a few people get these in the uppermost parts of their body, like the face and neck.  Skin tags may turn brown because of depigmentation from the sun, or even from make-up.

There are different ways to remove them from these areas, one of the best ways is to use Tea tree oil for skin tags.   The best type to buy is 100% oil.   It is very potent, though, and you should apply a petroleum jelly like Vaseline to the surrounding skin.

The oil will dry out a skin tag, and it will fall off whenever it is dead.  This treatment is best for the face and neck because it leaves little to no scarring.

If the skin tag is very close to your eye, you may want to see a doctor for removal, just to be safe.

Skin Tag Removal Methods

There are many different ways to remove skin tags yourself.  There are essential oil products, tying off methods, and freezing methods.

bits of skin under armpit

You can also go to a doctor or dermatologist to get them removed, but health insurance companies won’t cover the cost.  They deem them cosmetic conditions, which are not health related.  It can get expensive to have them taken off, vs. getting rid of them yourself.

Most methods of removing them are safe, but there are things talked about on the internet that are not safe at all.  These things would be cutting them off with scissors, or tying them tight with floss.  These can lead to infection, and you don’t want to add insult to injury.

When you have acrochordons, remember that they are not a health condition of any kind.  You may have one, or many.  They may be tiny or large.  Just like natural skin colors vary among people, skin tag colors can also vary.  You can remove brown skin tags at home, so there’s nothing to be worried about at all. If you invest in the TagBand skin tag removal device, they’ll be gone in about a week.

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